Meopta Introduces the New MeoNight 1.1 Night Vision Device

TAMPA, FL, December 4, 2017 – Meopta’s new MeoNight 1.1 night vision device can be used as a night vision monocular for stand-alone viewing or used with a riflescope to adapt it for nighttime use. The MeoNight 1.1 features premium quality optics, 1x magnification and is also available with an optional 3x magnifying module booster.

The MeoNight is capable of target detection out to 600 meters and automatically shuts off if unused for one hour. This night vision device also features an external brightness control for easy adjustment of image intensity.

When used with a traditional daytime riflescope, the MeoNight is placed in front of the riflescope using Meopta’s quick-release NAR (MIL-STD 1913) mount or it can be mounted directly onto the objective of the riflescope with Meopta’s custom adapter for 42mm, 50mm or 56mm objective lenses. The MeoNight comes with a remote-control cable that can be attached to the stock of the rifle allowing the user to adjust image brightness without moving the finger from the trigger.

The MeoNight is waterproof, shock resistant and fogproof. Accessories include the battery, Allen keys, protector, sleeve, eyepiece eyecup, remote control, an additional Picatinny rail, bag and grip/hand strap.


Optional Accessories:
Quick Release NAR (Mil-STD 1913) Mount
3x Booster
Adapter 62 for 56mm riflescope objectives
Adapter 57 for 50mm riflescope objectives
Adapter 49.5 for 42mm riflescope objectives


3 Responses to “Meopta Introduces the New MeoNight 1.1 Night Vision Device”

  1. Jeb says:

    Wondering how this stacks up to the refurbished KAC PVS30 offerings out there…. Any SME’s with an opinion or technical insight?

  2. Not nearly enough info listed such as tube used, boresight accuracy, optimal day scope magnification range, etc. Many of the KAC refurb units have very low FOM numbers compared to the new units. Until we know more about several key factors, it will be hard to judge.

    Meopta does say on it’s web site, “The device may be equipped with image intensifier tubes of all generations”, so not sure if the units are mainly being sold to vendors to install their own tubes, (pretty tricky to perform unless you have necessary equipment, especially with Clip-On’s) or Meopta is performing the installation. Just not enough info out there…

    • Jeb says:

      Vic, you guys have any of the KAC units in? SSD, apologies to conduct business here but since Vic answered…