Complete Parachute Solutions – Maritime Military Javelin Tactical Parachute System


The Maritime MJ Tactical Parachute System features the Maritime Military Javelin harness with the container constructed of 420DWR Parapack with removable spacer foam and leg pads. After fresh or salt water immersion, the system is designed to dry quickly once rinsed.


The Maritime MJ is paired with their Cormorant CT280 main canopy and TR281 reserve with fabric and line sets specially treated for multiple water landings. The Maritime MJ has cargo attachment rings, weapon stow loops, oxygen and communications pouches as well as multiple flotation stow loops.



2 Responses to “Complete Parachute Solutions – Maritime Military Javelin Tactical Parachute System”

  1. Joseph says:

    Wow, didn’t know SunPath makes tandem rigs. And the one in the pic is cordura.

  2. James Higgins says:

    It isnt the container that has the drying part, its the parachutes. Old news…