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Meopta Introduces the MeoRed T Reflex Sight

TAMPA, FL, January 2, 2018 – Meopta is pleased to introduce the MeoRed T reflex sight (1x30mm). The outstanding optical quality and unlimited eye relief of this red dot sight enable fast and accurate target acquisition when it matters most, regardless of eye position behind the sight.


The MeoRed T is an excellent primary sight on today’s MSR/AR platforms and features a 1.5 MOA illuminated red dot reticle with 12 intensity level settings for use in various light conditions. The tough housing of the MeoRed T is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for ultimate reliability.

“The MeoRed T is an excellent tactical sight for today’s MSR platforms when quick target acquisition is a must,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager of Meopta USA. “This reflex sight is also compatible with night vision optics and magnifiers which makes it versatile for various situations in the field.”

Meopta’s proprietary MeoBright™ lens multi-coatings eliminate glare and reflections and deliver 99.7 percent light transmission per lens surface. The hydrophobic MeoDrop™ lens coatings ensure the highest level of visual clarity in adverse weather conditions, easily repelling rain and snow in addition to skin oils and dirt. The MeoRed T is also waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.


Optional Accessories:
Yellow Filter
Anti-Reflection Filter
Anti-Laser Filter
QR Base Mount
AR-15 Offset Mount



11 Responses to “Meopta Introduces the MeoRed T Reflex Sight”

  1. MM says:

    Wow, that’s $300 more than the adjustable dot RMR which I already thought was $$$.

  2. jbgleason says:

    Honestly confused how a company makes decisions like this. Do they sit around the Board Room and say: “Let’s enter a market with well established brands, offer a product that has no real advantages over the existing products and, as a bonus, set our prices at 30% higher than the established brands. We will sell tons!!!” Then the top bosses take themselves out for fancy dinners on the company and give each other cash bonuses I guess.

    Meanwhile, everyone in production and sales is shaking their heads.

    • Gerard says:

      This is absurd, its over priced and unproven, I wouldnt touch it over the other red dot options already on the market

  3. Stone11C says:

    How about NO! You crazy Czech bastard.

  4. Jeff says:

    Guys! Dont confuse this with RMR, Docter, MRDS etc … look at the spec this is way bigger…

    • MM says:

      Yeah, like others have mentioned, the pic does not match the description. From what I can glean, the MeoRed is the small RMR type whereas the MeoRed T is the larger Aimpoint M4-type.

  5. Mark says:

    To my eyes, this product photo does not match the product description.

    The photo appears to be of a miniature red dot for handguns, approximately 1.5″ long, that is powered by a button cell battery (see side accessed battery compartment).

    The product description, however, describes a full sized carbine optic, about five inches long, that is powered by a AA battery.

    …or am I looking at this all wrong?

  6. Burdy says:

    Wrong picture?