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UST – ParaShovel Pro

The ParaShovel from Ultimate Survival Technologies is an inexpensive, multifunction item, suited for keeping in the trunk.

Think of it as more of a trowel than shovel, but the handle is wrapped in 2.5m of ParaTinder, essentially paracord with an added internal strand of tinder which is distinguished by its red color. The rest of the stands have the same common use as other paracord.


• 4” trowel blade for burying waste and maintaining fire safety

• Line cutter cuts paracord and other cord

• Cutting blade

• Tent peg pry-tool

• Black-oxide finish reduces rust and protects the shovel.

• Protective sheath for safe storage included


2 Responses to “UST – ParaShovel Pro”

  1. Wazza says:

    A high tech gravy ladle !

  2. Xiao says:

    Tactical Hori Hori…