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Enforce Tac 18 – 5.11 Tactical’s GEO7 Camouflage

We got a better look at 5.11’s new GEO7 camouflage pattern which debuted at SHOT Show.


GEO7 Camo was developed in an exclusive partnership with Veil Camo. Debuting in Fall 18, the line will include Tactical Duty Uniform Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Hats, a Plate Carrier and Packs.


The pattern features a combination of macro and micro visual disruption and color palettes that work in tandem across light conditions and environments to give users a tactical time advantage in remaining concealed. The offerings will be available in two colorways, GEO7 Terrain and GEO7 Night.

2 Responses to “Enforce Tac 18 – 5.11 Tactical’s GEO7 Camouflage”

  1. QWERTY says:

    Very, cool, I hope 5.11 makes a full run of these, and accessories, might fill a need for some.
    The pattern reminds me of that sleep system, the Jervenbag!

  2. Lone Element says:

    Oh SSD you crack me up…… I hope you are enjoying your Euro trip.

    Handsome guy on the sign but that Camo looks like a moldy ham sandwich that got left in the fridge for six months…