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SENTRY Launches New Hexmag GLOCK Compatible Magazine

Virginia Beach, Va. (July 2018)SENTRY Products Group, manufacturer of Hexmag magazines, the most advanced and versatile magazine on the market for the AR-15/AR-10 platform, proudly announces the launch

of its first pistol magazines for the GLOCK® platform.

The unique design of the new Hexmag® GLOCK compatible magazine sets the tone for SENTRY’s future direction with the Hexmag line. “This is the first new product since the acquisition of Hexmag and our goal was to come out with a completely new design blending the best of metal and polymer magazine technologies with Hexmag’s signature design attributes,” stated Eric Yeates, VP of Product Development. “The result is a skeletonized stainless-steel core and feed lips providing strength and reliability with a polymer over mold for ultimate durability.”

The design, compatible with GLOCK Gen 3 through Gen 5 models G17, G19, G26 and G34, also accepts current available aftermarket base pad extenders designed for the existing GLOCK 17 magazine. A round counter on the back provides an indicator of capacity while loading to a maximum of 17-rounds. A 10-round version will follow the initial launch for states and areas with capacity restrictions. Additional models are under development to compliment the offering.

The design incorporates what users have come to expect from Hexmag: proprietary advanced composites for strength and reliability. The signature HextureÔ finish creates a more secure grip in all environmental conditions. Textured serrations on the front of the magazine body provide for rapid indexing during magazine changes. A self-lubricating anti-tilt follower allows for ease of loading and flawless operation. A heat treated stainless-steel spring offers a lifetime of trouble free performance. The new Hexmag GLOCK also features Hexmag’s tool-less takedown and HexIDcolor identification system, increasing safe operation and personalization.

MSRP: $21.99

SENTRY has partnered with Amchar Wholesale and Midway USA for initial product distribution and all orders can be secured through these outlets. Consumers can also order direct at


5 Responses to “SENTRY Launches New Hexmag GLOCK Compatible Magazine”

  1. Lose_Game says:

    The magazine no one asked for…

  2. LoseR_Game says:

    Just like your opinion

  3. tremis says:

    Well, these probably work in an AR15 as well as the all of the other hexmags.

    If I had a reputation for making not a single product that reliably does it’s sole function (feed bullets) I’d certainly branch out into making replacements for the gold standard of reliability. Why buy factory when you can buy stuff that historically doesn’t work. There’s a swell tagline.

    • RT from UT says:

      It’s a shame about that company too, but they’ve done it to themselves..

      I’ve seen some of the stuff this company would have come out with if they hadn’t ran their engineering talent off, and their story could have been much much different.

      For one they would’ve had reliable and working products etc.