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Seekins Precision Divorce Statement

For Immediate Release (Lewiston, ID)  10.9.2018

After careful and personal reflection as to what is best for their family and company as a whole, Glen and Katie Seekins are formally announcing their separation and divorce.

Though this is a deeply personal matter, in order to deter any rumors or misinformation, they feel it is important for the public and consumers of the Seekins brand to know that things will remain business as usual.

This decision was made privately several months ago and has not in any way affected the day to day operation or production of products.

Glen and Katie have and will continue to run the business as equal partners and all operations will remain status quo.

The Seekins family statement is as follows:

As our followers, friends and family of Seekins Precision, Glen and I feel the need to share a bit of our personal life with you.

We have mutually and lovingly decided it is best to end our marriage.  We continue to be parents first to our two amazing boys, wonderful and supportive friends as we always been and equal business partners in Seekins Precision as a family.

We share this not to elicit opinions but more to minimize rumors, we are both committed to our business and we will continue to run it as the family business as we always have.

Yes, it is a bit unorthodox but we have learned long ago that we have to do what works best for us and not follow in others molds.   It is how we have been successful and will continue to be successful going forward.

Thank you for all your thoughts and support during this transition.

All further information and inquiries regarding this decision or the Seekins Precision brand should be directed through the Leviathan Group at PR@leviathangroupllc.com.

Visit Seekins Precision online at www.seekinsprecision.com.


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