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Franklin Armory – CA7

Minden, NV, November 6, 2018– Franklin Armory® receives California Department of Justice approval on the New CA7TM Pistol.

Franklin Armory® President Jay Jacobson noted that, “This is historic since the CA7TM is the only AR pistol approved by the State of California that is NOT a single shot.”

The CA7TM features:
• 7.5” barrel
• FSTTM 7” handguard
• Mil-spec pistol marked forged lower receiver
• Pistol Buffer tube with foam cheek pad
• Detachable 10/20 magazine

The official link to the state roster:

Franklin Armory® is no stranger to helping Californians acquire legal firearms. The DFMTM Drop-in Fixed Magazine, the F-17TM series in .17wsm, CSWTM and a host of CA compliant rifles are also available to customers in California.

9 Responses to “Franklin Armory – CA7”

  1. Brandon says:

    1:9 twist barrel?? Does putting an SB brace on this somehow invalidate its “pistol-ness”?

  2. Scully says:

    Word on the street is that this thing has no gas system. You pull the charging handle after each shot, so basically a bolt action pistol.

    I’m amazed the manufacturer would not mention that on their website.

    • C. Myngs says:

      $934.99 is the price on Franklin Armory’s website. Not knocking the price, since it is up to each consumer to decide if the price point is fair. If your information is correct, that’s quite steep for a single action pistol.

    • pablo says:

      if true, i can’t imagine anyone buying one of these for that price.

    • Scott says:

      Are you surprised after the BS they pulled at SHOT last year with their football round ammo firing “Reformation”

  3. Starved Cali gunnner says:

    Who is to say that you can’t change the upper after legal transfer and possession?

    • You are right my friend I pick up in a few weeks I was reading the thread laughing at the assumptions I’m shopping for a 7.5 upper now ?? Just attach a mag lack system and a Quik pin detachment system to collapse the upper so I can reload yeah I know it’s a lot but now