Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solution – Yeti Fusion Dry 1700+

Getting good quality sleep in any environment is exceptionally important.  The standard issue sleeping bags tend to fall well short of what can be achieved and are normally much heavier and bulkier than what is available of the shelf.

Yeti produces sleeping bags that sit right at the top of the pile and you can’t really get much better than the Yeti Fusion Dry 1700+ for operating in the frozen north.

Fusion Dry 1700+ is an ultra warm (comfort -23 Degrees Celcius) heavy weight rugged down sleeping bag constructed for extreme use in rough arctic or mountainous conditions. The outer casing is made from extra durable shell fabric that has enhanced water repelling function as well as being highly breathable. The down filling is Yetis trademark dry down with a coating that makes the individual down fibres water repellent and quicker drying – without compromising the insulation power. The Fusion Dry 1700+ has an internal collar and freezing puff to hold the hot air inside the bag where you need it and both H- and S-Box construction with a triple layered integrated foot box for extra protection of the extremities. The Fusion Dry 1700 is made with one purpose in mind: provide a durable and ultra warm bag for the most extreme adventure. Yes

For more information get in touch by email on international@brigantes.com or for UK customers warrior@brigantes.com.


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