Arc’teryx LEAF – What’s New For 2019

Year after year, Arc’teryx LEAF continues to introduce some of the most innovative specialized clothing and equipment on the market and 2019 is no exception.

We’ve already unveiled the rebooted Atom LT Gen 2 lineup with its added features and new materials resulting in improved air permeability. In addition to Jacket, Hoody and Pant, LEAF also added a Vest.

Arc’teryx designers have added a new Softshell fabric option (6.5 oz Durastretch Tweave) for the popular xFunctional Pant, creating the xFunctional SV. At the same time, they updated the fit for both the AR and new SV versions. Look for the SV in Black and Rawhide colors.

Additionally, three products have been brought over from the outdoor product line, the AR-395A Harness as well as the Aptin Short and Cormac T-shirt.

The harness is all Black for LEAF applications.

For years small units and agencies have worn Arc’teryx garments for physical fitness training. Bringing these two items into the line makes it easier for LEAF customers to add this capability to their kit bag.

Look for our detailed coverage of the 2019 Arc’teryx LEAF line during SHOT Show. However, for those of you who can’t wait, these items are available now at as well as from your favorite LEAF dealer.

12 Responses to “Arc’teryx LEAF – What’s New For 2019”

  1. iggy says:

    now i like arcteryx, have even worked a little with them, but theres nothing innovative about producing a normal harness, t-shirt, trail shorts, midlayer and hiking pants in brown.
    yep, the construction is very good, the tech is inovative and the harnesses are very low bulk, but just how gucci do you need a t-shirt and trail shorts to be? easier to ad that capability to your kit bag….come on.

  2. Tryin' to make it says:

    To hell with LEAF! Only DOD can afford a $900 jacket. When arcteryx did away with the LEAF discount program for community folks they did away with anything other than govt. contracts. good luck but ill be transitioning to anything but arc. for personal purchases.

    • SSD says:

      The discount program was transitioned to the dealers.

      • MF says:

        How does one go about finding one of those dealers? Do they specific ones that are offering the prodeal or do they all?

    • Major Smoof says:

      Buy once, cry once.

      LEAF stuff is often on sale at Black Friday. 20-30% off.

      My various pieces have been veritably bomb proof and when a zipper broke on my Atom LT, I only had to pay shipping to Vancouver (I’m already in Canada). The jacket was back to me within three weeks. They even contacted me to ensure I was OK with a slightly different shade of brown for the zipper.

      I admit it’s not cheap, but I don’t regret any of my purchases.

  3. Roy says:

    Has Arc’teryx LEAF produced a 2019 pdf catalog yet?

    I hope SSD posts that link if/when they do.

  4. Dmitriy says:

    Please, return the normal apparel?.
    Gryphon, Sphinx, Talos, Combat pants.
    The new garments for a gym and fitness.

  5. Alex says:

    I’ve been seeing that the H150 is discontinued, is the the E220 meeting the same fate?

  6. Torch says:

    Did they get the xFunctional Pant sizing sorted out or are they still running super big?