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The Armored Group, LLC and TerraHawk, LLC Introduce New Partnership and Patented Products for Armored and Unarmored Vehicles

New partnership brings industry leaders together to elevate protection for dangerous surveillance scenarios

(Phoenix, AZ – (DATE) The Armored Group, LLC (TAG), a leading worldwide provider of armored vehicles, and TerraHawk LLC, the developer of rapid mobile surveillance tower systems, have joined forces. TerraHawk will be rebranded as TerraHawk built by TAG Specialty Vehicles. The company will offer SWAT teams, border patrol teams, private security teams and others in high-risk situations armored and unarmored vehicles outfitted with protective elevated surveillance towers. These towers provide viewing from high vantage points giving responders better sight lines which may be critical to positive resolutions.

The TerraHawk mobile surveillance tower enables a single law enforcement officer to operate the observation capsule which may be raised up to 25-feet and offering 360 visibility, enabling law enforcement to observe a situation that would otherwise be blocked from sight. The system allows it to be rapidly and effectively deployed to different areas, thereby disrupting the ability of criminal elements to entrench in new locations.

The tower is fitted with long range, HD, thermal or infrared cameras that provide real-time surveillance enabling officers to immediately respond and react to criminal activity, as well as provide video footage to aid in immediate witness testimony.

Other key specs of the TerraHawk Surveillance System include:

• 13-foot body base length; interior height 90”; 90” exterior width

• 60” double narrow pan formed rear doors with rotary locks and paddle handle

• Exterior LED clearance lights; LED stop/tail/turn lights recessed in the rear apron

• 4 LED interior dome lights in cargo area; 5 LED dome lights in each compartment

• Scissor lift in the body, mounted to truck frame and capsule

• Lift controls in capsule and truck cab

• Automatic leveling legs in each corner of the body

• Electronic systems include: redundant power systems for operation of hydraulic equipment; emergency and primary generator and battery systems; ground area surveillance camera systems to cover rear and sides; scene lights, weather vane/wind speed alarm, battery management system to manage battery power with alarm

• Fitted with 2 fire extinguishers, AC/heat system, shore power plug with a transfer switch, reflector kit behind the passenger seat and first aid kit

• Multiple battery charging systems including generator, shore power or chassis alternator

For over 25 years The Armored Group, LLC has been designing and manufacturing both armored and unarmored vehicles that protect first responders, military and others that need the highest level of protection in highly dangerous situations. TerraHawk has that same goal, by working together they can provide secure, elevated surveillance options from armored and unarmored vehicles. This gives first responders a better vantage point to observe and record criminal activity without ever leaving the vehicle.

“Together TAG and TerraHawk provides next-level protection while gaining access to criminal activity from an elevated surveillance capsule. The patented pass-through platform within the vehicle ensures constant protection while enabling personnel to record criminal activity in real time. We are honored to help our first responders stay safe in a variety of scenarios and will continue to develop vehicles and other products that help them do their jobs and go home to their families every day,” said Robert Pazderka, president and founder of The Armored Group, LLC.

For more information, please visit www.armoredcars.com.

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