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Gripknife Patriot

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Gripknife and it probably won’t be the last. In storage mode it looks like an oversized foregrip.

The blade stores in the handle and once disengaged from the Picatinny rail compatible mount it extends into position.

Gripknife – 4” Patriot
Knife Type: Foregrip
User: Ambidextrous
Mechanism: Out-The-Front
Action: Magnetic Assist ™ Spring Assist
Overall Length: 8.10″
Overall Mounted Length (From Tactical Rail): 5.50″
Blade Type: Spear Point, Single-Edged
Blade Grind: Flat
Blade Length: 4.00″
Blade Material: M2 (54-56 HRC)
Blade Width: ?1.06″
Blade Thickness: .187″
Blade Finish: Black Nitride
Handle Material: Zytel
Handle Color: Black
Handle Texture: 60 Grit
Handle Width 1.50″
Handle Thickness: .96″


11 Responses to “Gripknife Patriot”

  1. Jesus Malverde says:

    Early April fools post?

  2. DI1 says:

    This is full retard and too early for April Fool’s.

  3. Go Go Gadget KnifeWrench! Video doesn’t even show product….?

  4. Scott says:

    Anyone else notice at 31 seconds that one guy has his muzzle pointed right at the other guy’s head?

    Otherwise, having a knife handy is not a bad idea. Not sure about the execution, but the idea is not a bad one.

  5. Otto says:

    YouTube comments are great. The company is offering $20,000 to a knife maker to build a better knife.

  6. tangloppen says:

    thats some serious mallninja stuff

    how come stuff like this is always sprinkled with words like patriot?

    are you only able to be patriotic by spending your money on stupid stuff like this?

  7. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    But but but a navy seal endorsed it and sober even …

  8. Alpha2 says:

    I have no words but…WTF

  9. greg stone says:

    make it a ninja star for throwing melee

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