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Velocity Arms Makes Some Unique Glock Barrels

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

At TRIGGRCON I was introduced to Velocity Arms. After learning about their Glock barrels, I’d have to say that their website (killer innovations) is aptly named.

Using Single Process Technology where the bore, rifling and chamber are cut on one machine.

Tru-Axis machining uses a single-point rifling system in which one machine comprehensively crafts every part of the barrel from start to finish. The rifling alone is accomplished with over eighty miniscule cuts, offering a deviation of less than one ten thousandth of an inch from groove depth to groove depth because they are cut with the same tool.

During this Tru-Axis machining process, the Glock barrels are machined with an 11° target crown, then magnetic particle tested, and finally, coated with a MDC or TiN plating.

Additionally, each barrel comes with a black nitride coated thread protector which extends just past the tip of the barrel to protect the 11° target crown from damage.