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Arc’teryx Gen II Combat Jacket in Multicam (Egad!)

Arc’teryx Gen II Combat Jacket in Multicam

The market’s appetite for anything in Multicam is voracious but there hasn’t been much in the way of performance garments to satisfy the connoisseur’s sweet tooth. High end products are slowly trickling out and the next one to hit the street is the Multicam version of Arc’teryx’s Combat Jacket. Arc’teryx has built on their already successful Combat Jacket which received a design overhaul last season by offering it in Multicam. Unlike its big brother, the Bravo Jacket, the Combat Jacket features pit zips to enhance venting during intense physical activity and the cuffs feature die cut velcro stays. The jacket also has two hand warmer pockets and two sleeve pockets. Although not depicted in the photo the production version will have velcro on the sleeves like the current versions.

The Combat Jacket is made from Durastretch, a comfortable 4-way stretch woven fabric. To further enhance performance, the jacket has a durable DWR treated outer face to shed moisture.

The Combat Jacket is currently available in Crocodile and Black but the new Multicam version will be hitting retailers in July. Start looking soon because this one promises to sell out quickly.

Qualified personnel can purchase them here.

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