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Off-Duty Part 2 – Pacsafe Travel Security

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Most of our readers travel and many of them often find themselves in some pretty seedy locations. Theft of one’s property is always a concern. Continuing our weekly focus on off duty wear, this week’s feature introduces you to Pacsafe, a company who produces luggage with security of the contents in mind. No use having all of those Gucci suits and safari wear if they are going to be pilfered on the ride from the airport to the resort. We have known for years about their steel mesh bags designed to secure the contents of a pack but I recently received an education on Pacsafe’s security features and want to pass on what we learned to you.

Ant-Theft Bag and Backpack Protector

Pacsafe engineers several unique features into their designs to help ensure the safety of your valuables.


eXomesh® Slashguard panels
Pacsafe has developed slashproof panels by discretely hiding a layer of eXomesh® between two layers of fabric. These lightweight slashguards are placed in vulnerable sections of the bag, giving protection against a bag slasher’s knives and blades.

Slashproof Belts/Cables/Straps

Slashproof belts/straps/cables
It only takes a split second to cut through a conventional belt or strap. Pacsafe belts and straps are embedded with slashproof, high-tensile stainless steel wire. All Pacsafe securing cables are made from heavy duty steel wire.

Snatchproof Security Clip

Snatchproof security clips/locks
In an instant, someone can take your bag without you knowing. That’s why Pacsafe has designed bags with snatchproof metal clips on slashproof belts, straps, cables or chains. These can be unfastened at one end allowing you to loop and anchor your bag to any secure fixture, such as the arm of your chair, bus seat or poolside lounger.

Snatchproof Lock

For extra security, Pacsafe has designed products which offer an additional snatchproof locking system. This system enables you to not only anchor your bag to a secure fixture but lock it safely there as well.

Tamperproof Zipper

Tamperproof zippers/compartments
Subways, busy traffic intersections, and crowded markets are prime pickpocket locations. Pacsafe products have tamperproof solutions to thwart pickpockets, including zippers that lock closed or latch to a spring-loaded metal clip. Pacsafe bags with flap-covered compartments offer hidden safety hooks for extra security to keep prying hands out.

They have an entire line of luggage for everything from your laptop to a rucksack. For information on their entire line go to Pacsafe.

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