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Wilcox Industries Mission Helmet Record System

Wilcox Industries

“Modular by Design” is Wilcox Industries’ motto and none of the products in their impressive line has exemplified this trait more than the new Mission Helmet Record System. Designed for units that need to record vital mission data, such as information collected on a Sensitive Site Exploitation raid, the MHRS integrates both day and night cameras to record up to 8 hours of video.

Wilcox Mission Helmet Record System

Best illustrated in the pic below, the MHRS consists of the following components:
– NVG Mount
– Mini Daytime camera with 3 LED Light System
– Recording Module w/ 8 Gb Compact Flash Drive
– Modular Power Track
– Power Supply Module
– NVG Lanyard System
– AN/PVS-15/17 Eyecup Interface with Prism and Mini Night-time Camera
– Microphone

Wilcox Mission Helmet Record System

The system may be configured with all of the components or a combination best suited to the mission and will fit any standard helmet including the SOF and Gunfighter cuts. The entire camera and light package fits behind the night vision mount and the onboard LED light allows the wearer to choose from IR, blue, and white light. The Modular Power Track accepts a variety of accessories including IFF devices as well as extra Power Supply Modules.

Wilcox Power Supply Module

The Power Supply Modules come in standard size accommodating two A123 batteries and extended mission which holds four A123s. They utilize the same plug as the AN/PRC-148 battery pack which can come in very handy.

Wilcox has recently made a concerted effort to expand their network of distributors in order to reach out to a larger audience.

For more info contact Wilcox Industries.


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