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Wilcox Ind – G69 Night Vision Mount

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Wilcox showed their latest extended lightweight fixed night vision goggle mount, the G69, during last week’s ADS Warrior East.

The new G69 helmet mount comes with a three-hole configuration shroud and provides the same features as the G66, but with greater weight savings and extended vertical travel adjustment.

It is compatible with:

Available in Black or Tan, it comes configured with a retractable lanyard.

Dimensions: 4.75” L x 2.58” W x 3.80” H
Fore/Aft Travel: 1.30″
Height Adjustment: .90″

SHOT Show 18 – Wilcox Ind WLS & WMS

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Wilcox showed two shrouds at SHOT Show.

First is the Wilcox Lightweight Shroud.

It is completely new and is 20% lighter than their standard three-hole Shroud.


The other new Shroud is the Wilcox Modular Shroud.

Featuring the same construction as the WLS, it allows the user to configure the Shroud.


The Lanyard can be moved as well as a tie down hole.

Wilcox Industries – FUSION SYSTEM

Monday, February 13th, 2017

I saw the Wilcox Industries FUSION SYSTEM at SHOT Show but there’s so much going on with it that I asked Wilcox for a write up and photos to help introduce it to SSD’s readers.


The Wilcox FUSION SYSTEM™ is a lightweight, modular rifle forearm system that is designed to fit on the Caracal CAR816-A2 and Kale KCR556 rifle platform.


This FUSION SYSTEM offers a streamlined solution to powering mission essential equipment normally requiring numerous individually powered devices. With the FUSION SYSTEM these devices can be powered with (1) one lithium CR123 battery and a reserve battery standing by. It is as simple as a flip of a switch to initiate the reserve battery. The depleted battery can then be hot swapped.


The system is comprised of a integrated reflex sight, laser suite, and Surefire duel spectrum flashlight. A 3X “Aimpoint” multiplier (optional) is featured with a Wilcox flip mount this allows the system to be used as a CQB device or for taking that long shot.


The FUSION SYSTEM optical suite is unique in that it houses a reflex sight, back up iron sight, red visible laser, IR laser, and fixed IR illuminator all factory co-aligned with one windage and elevation knob allowing for easy bore-sighting to the weapon. A dual zero trajectory switch on top of the optic suite allows the end user to zero the weapon for two distances or two ammo types all while maintaining co-alignment. This switch, when turned, automatically cants the optical suit to the proper point of aim point of impact depending on desired ammo and/or ballistics day or night that is desired.


The FUSION SYSTEM incorporates a unique low and high power output level governor. The blue lockout screw requires docking in the off line storage spot that electronically engages the use of the high powered lasers.


The FUSION SYSTEM can also be adjusted “on the fly” using the ambidextrous pressure pads to determine the reflex sight, laser suite, and flashlight brightness. A SureFire dual spectrum light provides both white light at 250 lumens and IR light at 100mw’s.


The installation and removal of the FUSION SYSTEM in the field is effortless, requiring no tools and maintains consistent repeatability and bore-sight retention when cleaning the weapon. The unique triangular silicone pads insulate the operator from the build up of weapon heat experienced with heavy weapon usage. The square silicon pads at the 6 o’clock position can be individually removed to allow a vertical grip assembly to be installed in its place.

SHOT Show 17 – Wilcox Industries / Aviation Specialities Unlimited

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

The Aeronox is a new mount designed by ASU and built by Wilcox. The legacy mount is 30 years old with a few bandaids thrown on over the years. It is manufactured from high impact Polymer with little metal and is intended for a 20 year life minimum with reinforcements in high wear areas.

They’ve eliminated the need for a neck cord by incorporated the Wilcox retractable cord. The cord will release at 10Gs just like the mount. Additionally, the mount fits the lines of a flight helmet very closely with cable connections fitting contours.

The Aeronox is a repairable item rather than a disposable item, unlike the legacy mount.  ASU has also introduced a new battery pack to work with the Aeronox. It’s smaller, lighter and eliminates the need for battery cartridges. They’ve also built in mounting points for a counterweight. Like the Aeronox mount, the battery case is repairable.

ASU/Wilcox also offers an adapter for the mount to attach to ground helmets. It incorporates the proper angles to facilitate use of the AVS-9 aviator goggle with a ballistic helmet. The Ground Adapter works on all three hole shroud systems and is light and sturdy.

You can also use any of the components with legacy systems.

AUSA – Wilcox Industries Ruggedized Aiming / Illumination Device

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

In addition to the BOSS we mentioned yesterday, Wilcox also introduced the Ruggedized Aiming / Illumination Device at AUSA.

Powered by a single CR123A battery, the Picatinny rail compatible RAID incorporates a red visible laser, IR laser and variable IR illuminator co-aligned with one windage and elevation adjustment.  Just what the doctor ordered.

In this photo, you can see the adjustment wheel for the IR flood intensity from low, medium or high.

AUSA – Wilcox Ind Black Out Sighting System

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

The Wilcox Black Out Sighting System was designed specifically for use with a suppressed weapon shooting the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. In addition to a red dot sight with selectability for Sub- and Supersonic ammo, visible laser, IR laser and IR illuminator.

The red-dot is coaligned with the lasers and illiminator and the switch from Sub- to Supersonic is accomplished with the flip of the lever behind the lens. In the photo, you’ll note it’s set to Sub.

The BOSS is powered by a single AA battery.

Wilcox to develop new US Army Grenadier Sighting System

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Newington, NH – Wilcox Industries Corp. was awarded a contract by the US Army valued at up to $151.8 million for a new day/night sighting device for 40mm grenade launchers. The Grenadier Sighting System (GSS) will serve as a replacement for the previously fielded sights for the M320/M320A1 Grenade Launcher Module (GLM).

The contract includes a short development and indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract line items for production of up to 84,000 GSS units. In addition, the contract incorporates provisions for training and logistical support to the U. S. Military.

“Based upon the product sample and proposal submissions as well as the Government’s pre-award surveys, the GSS contract award is a significant achievement for our company”, said Jim Teetzel, Chief Executive Officer of Wilcox Industries Corp. “The award is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Wilcox Team along with its partners to provide innovative and flexible solutions to meet unique customer requirements.”

The Wilcox GSS is being developed and produced at Wilcox’s state of the art 190,000 square foot facility located in Newington, NH, with an estimated contract completion date of March 28, 2022.

Wilcox is an innovative leader in design, development and manufacturing of tactical solutions for military, law enforcement and first responders around the world. Wilcox portfolio includes four core product areas: Night Vision Mounting, Small Arms, Hybrid Life Support and Combat Systems. The company prides itself on tailoring solutions for customer’s unique requirements. More information on the company and capabilities can be found at

Aviation Specialties Unlimited And Wilcox Industries Partner Up To Built Next Generation Mounts And Battery Packs

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Military aviators in for stronger, lighter, easier-to-use NVG mount system


For more than 30 years, night vision goggle (NVG) helmet mounts and battery packs used in military aviation have experienced few changes. After looking at the strengths and weaknesses, two leaders in aviation innovations, Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) and Wilcox Industries, joined forces to build the next generation of easy-to-operate mounts and battery packs.


Unveiled at Heli-Expo 2016, ASU’s new NVG helmet mount and battery pack is lighter, smaller, easier to setup, and more durable than previous models. One of the most significant improvements allows users to mount NVGs to their helmet more easily with the use of just one hand.

“Operators of the new NVG mount and battery pack will need little or no training,” said Justin Watlington, Chief Pilot at ASU. “The transition will be seamless.”

He added that the companies addressed several issues with the legacy NVG mounts which included reoccurring breakage. “One problem that we saw time and again was cracking and breaking of the sidebars on the goggle mount,” He said. “While working through the Wilcox Industries engineering process, we resolved this and several other issues that resulted in a far more durable mount.”


Unlike current NVG mounts, Justin explained that the new design allows for the replacement of the broken part, not the entire unit and at a fraction of the cost. It’s greater endurance, seamless training transition and reduced wear from day-to-day use is a budget-friendly upgrade.

Testing is already underway on the mount and battery pack, which exceeds DO-275 and Technical Standard Order C-164 standards. ASU anticipates receiving certification in the fall of 2016 and pricing will be announced when full production begins this fall.