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Wilcox Industries – FUSION SYSTEM

I saw the Wilcox Industries FUSION SYSTEM at SHOT Show but there’s so much going on with it that I asked Wilcox for a write up and photos to help introduce it to SSD’s readers.


The Wilcox FUSION SYSTEM™ is a lightweight, modular rifle forearm system that is designed to fit on the Caracal CAR816-A2 and Kale KCR556 rifle platform.


This FUSION SYSTEM offers a streamlined solution to powering mission essential equipment normally requiring numerous individually powered devices. With the FUSION SYSTEM these devices can be powered with (1) one lithium CR123 battery and a reserve battery standing by. It is as simple as a flip of a switch to initiate the reserve battery. The depleted battery can then be hot swapped.


The system is comprised of a integrated reflex sight, laser suite, and Surefire duel spectrum flashlight. A 3X “Aimpoint” multiplier (optional) is featured with a Wilcox flip mount this allows the system to be used as a CQB device or for taking that long shot.


The FUSION SYSTEM optical suite is unique in that it houses a reflex sight, back up iron sight, red visible laser, IR laser, and fixed IR illuminator all factory co-aligned with one windage and elevation knob allowing for easy bore-sighting to the weapon. A dual zero trajectory switch on top of the optic suite allows the end user to zero the weapon for two distances or two ammo types all while maintaining co-alignment. This switch, when turned, automatically cants the optical suit to the proper point of aim point of impact depending on desired ammo and/or ballistics day or night that is desired.


The FUSION SYSTEM incorporates a unique low and high power output level governor. The blue lockout screw requires docking in the off line storage spot that electronically engages the use of the high powered lasers.


The FUSION SYSTEM can also be adjusted “on the fly” using the ambidextrous pressure pads to determine the reflex sight, laser suite, and flashlight brightness. A SureFire dual spectrum light provides both white light at 250 lumens and IR light at 100mw’s.


The installation and removal of the FUSION SYSTEM in the field is effortless, requiring no tools and maintains consistent repeatability and bore-sight retention when cleaning the weapon. The unique triangular silicone pads insulate the operator from the build up of weapon heat experienced with heavy weapon usage. The square silicon pads at the 6 o’clock position can be individually removed to allow a vertical grip assembly to be installed in its place.


13 Responses to “Wilcox Industries – FUSION SYSTEM”

  1. NCO says:

    Interesting. That’s progress – maybe not in its final form, but getting there.

    What’s the weight or the system?

  2. tang says:

    So, if you run out of batteriers, then the sight won’t even work?
    Sounds like a bummer to me.
    Like the Aimpoint way, 5-8 years battery life…

  3. Mike Nomad says:

    Wouldn’t mind that reflex sight separate, with a picatinny base…

  4. Ian says:

    Always good to see innovation. This seems very creative. If this could be used as a shore/backup power system for other RDS that might increase it’s appeal. Still a cool idea.

  5. Tim says:

    Are IR flood, IR laser, vis laser etc all in the reflex sight? Seems like the position might cause interference for mounting NVDs or thermals on the 12 o’clock rail.

    • NCO says:

      There is no way to mount anything on top of the rail in front of the RDS. It seems they are looking at this setup strictly as an assaulter lightweight configuration. The real question is what’s the weight reduction? The package is a little more streamlined, but obviously less modular. Still interesting. I’d like to test this thing.

      • Tim says:

        You’re right, I was looking at the pics on my phone so I mistakenly assumed there was a 12 o’clock rail. I don’t see why they didn’t build the IR laser, IR flood, etc. into a box at the end of the handguard since it’s not like its placement would interfere with any accessories.

  6. Joe_momma says:

    Didn’t Wilcox have something like his several ears ago already!