Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

AUSA – Wilcox Ind Black Out Sighting System

The Wilcox Black Out Sighting System was designed specifically for use with a suppressed weapon shooting the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge. In addition to a red dot sight with selectability for Sub- and Supersonic ammo, visible laser, IR laser and IR illuminator.

The red-dot is coaligned with the lasers and illiminator and the switch from Sub- to Supersonic is accomplished with the flip of the lever behind the lens. In the photo, you’ll note it’s set to Sub.

The BOSS is powered by a single AA battery.



16 Responses to “AUSA – Wilcox Ind Black Out Sighting System”

  1. Reseremb says:

    Mounted on a HK416 just to show it or is that in 300BLK?

    • Don "3gun" chatsky says:

      It’s obviously a HK300BLK rifle developed exclusively for MACSOG and SAS Rangers.

    • SSD says:

      Just for show.

    • combatdoc68 says:

      pretty sure that’s an airlift rifle…The hop up adjustable in the second picture…which is common in large trade shows, such as SHOT show.

  2. Diddler says:

    Looks like an airsoft BCG. I’d guess trade show mockup.

  3. Bad Dancer says:

    Interesting, glad to see more stuff for that round.

  4. jbgleason says:

    Any truth to the rumor that one of the SMU’s has .300 Black rifles? Would make the sense of the appearance of this sight.

  5. EODFish says:

    Interesting that the port for what I assume is a remote switch is on the rear face when I would also assume that most end users would want that switch on the front end of the weapon.