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AUSA – Gentex Snap Shields

Spray and debris shields integrated with AN/PVS-15 NVGs.  

Gentex offers the Snap Shields with Clear and Green Glow occlusion lenses which absorbs then phosphorous green glow that reflects off the face from a Night Vision Tube. Soon, they will also offer laser protection variants.

They are toolless don and doff meaning they snap right into place. The Snap Shield offers limited frag protection but it meets ANSI z87.

Look for the Snap Shield late 4th Quarter.



7 Responses to “AUSA – Gentex Snap Shields”

  1. Casey Jemelka says:

    That is a fantastic idea. I hope a solution for single eyepiece users comes along as well. Never have found a good balance between eye pro and nod use that isnt miserable.

  2. charlie says:

    Neat. I’m surprised someone didn’t think of this years ago.

  3. Ahisa says:

    Yeah, as an Army Optometrist….Why didn’t I think of this sooner!

  4. tcba_joe says:

    Needs these for monoculars too…

  5. Chip says:

    OK, that’s just awesome.

  6. Luke says:

    More eyepro is always more better.

  7. mcs says:

    Fantastic concept!
    Does there exist one-eyed eyepro for rocking a monocular? Because taking a tree branch to the eyeball really puts a damper on the evening.