Wilcox to develop new US Army Grenadier Sighting System

Newington, NH – Wilcox Industries Corp. was awarded a contract by the US Army valued at up to $151.8 million for a new day/night sighting device for 40mm grenade launchers. The Grenadier Sighting System (GSS) will serve as a replacement for the previously fielded sights for the M320/M320A1 Grenade Launcher Module (GLM).

The contract includes a short development and indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract line items for production of up to 84,000 GSS units. In addition, the contract incorporates provisions for training and logistical support to the U. S. Military.

“Based upon the product sample and proposal submissions as well as the Government’s pre-award surveys, the GSS contract award is a significant achievement for our company”, said Jim Teetzel, Chief Executive Officer of Wilcox Industries Corp. “The award is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Wilcox Team along with its partners to provide innovative and flexible solutions to meet unique customer requirements.”

The Wilcox GSS is being developed and produced at Wilcox’s state of the art 190,000 square foot facility located in Newington, NH, with an estimated contract completion date of March 28, 2022.

Wilcox is an innovative leader in design, development and manufacturing of tactical solutions for military, law enforcement and first responders around the world. Wilcox portfolio includes four core product areas: Night Vision Mounting, Small Arms, Hybrid Life Support and Combat Systems. The company prides itself on tailoring solutions for customer’s unique requirements. More information on the company and capabilities can be found at


2 Responses to “Wilcox to develop new US Army Grenadier Sighting System”

  1. Seamus says:

    What the US Army needs to do is work on developing a deadlier 40mm grenade. Currently it the 40mm, doesn’t produced enough shrapnel that is large enough and has enough mass to penetrate all the way through the body to the vital organs. Shrapnel size does matter. A needle size injury can still mortal wound a man, but not incapacitate him for many minutes if not hours. While t will never be as lethal as a 5.56, the shrapnel can still be more lethal than is currently the case.

  2. tangloppen says:

    Why not go for the Spuhr version?