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SHOT Show 17 – Wilcox Industries / Aviation Specialities Unlimited

The Aeronox is a new mount designed by ASU and built by Wilcox. The legacy mount is 30 years old with a few bandaids thrown on over the years. It is manufactured from high impact Polymer with little metal and is intended for a 20 year life minimum with reinforcements in high wear areas.

They’ve eliminated the need for a neck cord by incorporated the Wilcox retractable cord. The cord will release at 10Gs just like the mount. Additionally, the mount fits the lines of a flight helmet very closely with cable connections fitting contours.

The Aeronox is a repairable item rather than a disposable item, unlike the legacy mount.  ASU has also introduced a new battery pack to work with the Aeronox. It’s smaller, lighter and eliminates the need for battery cartridges. They’ve also built in mounting points for a counterweight. Like the Aeronox mount, the battery case is repairable.

ASU/Wilcox also offers an adapter for the mount to attach to ground helmets. It incorporates the proper angles to facilitate use of the AVS-9 aviator goggle with a ballistic helmet. The Ground Adapter works on all three hole shroud systems and is light and sturdy.

You can also use any of the components with legacy systems.


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