Insect Shield – On and Off Duty Insect Treatment

Insect Shield

The Editor brought home interesting literature from OR about the new Insect Shield treatment being applied to a variety of product lines. Word is that the developer of the Buzz Off TM line from Ex Officio struck out on his own and has licensed this technology to several companies. It works. Adventurers and explorers rely on Insect Shield garments to protect them from the onslaught of the insect world. Using a synthetic version of a natural repellent found in the Chrysanthemum, Insect Shield treatment lasts 70 washings.

Here is a list of companies who have signed up so far:
Ex Officio
L.L. Bean
Eagles Nest Outfitters
Mad Dog Gear
Outdoor Research
Sloggers Garden Outfitters

We are so excited about Insect Shield that we are going to make it a point to write about as many of the products as possible and will post the Insect Shield logo on every article.

For more info on Insect Shield check out their website.


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