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Fisher Trekker Space Pen

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I’ve been using Fisher Space pens for quite some time but one of its major shortcomings is that everyone who sees me using it wants one too. Obviously, this means I’ve “given” lots of them away over the years. At the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, I stopped by the Fisher booth to ask about the cool camo finish I had seen on some space pens. Unfortunately, they told me that the multi-layered finishes were difficult to deal with and the thickness kept the caps from being placed on the end when writing. However, there was some good news. They plan on a tan variant of the bullet pen soon. I related my tail of woe over constantly losing my pens and they showed me the Trekker. It has a ring for a lanyard so you can tie it down. I am currently on the lookout for a Trekker.

Fisher Space Pen Trekker

For more information contact Fisher Space Pens.

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