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Kifaru PackLock Clothing

Kifaru, makers of some of the finest military packs on the face of the earth have hit another home run. Last year they tackled sleep systems with the Regulator Sleeping Bag System. Their Woobie is the best thing to happen to the Soldier since well, the poncho liner. Kifaru took teh Regulator technology one step further and created a 24/7 climate control system of clothing. Mel at Kifaru has been keeping us updated on the progress of this project and we have been anxiously awaiting its release after trying on some of the samples at SHOT 08 in Las Vegas.

They developed a system to literally lock the back of your garments into the packs suspension. It isn’t going to creep no matter how long you carry your pack.

I absolutely recommend that you check it out for yourself. For more info contact Kifaru.


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