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PECOC in the British Press


We have previously discussed the British Army’s new PECOC program here and here. Finally, the BBC has shown an interview showcasing the recent evolution of the British Soldier. Although the BBC interviewer never comes out and calls it PECOC, take a keen look at the three Tommies being interviewed. Not only will you see a slightly modified DPM, but a new armor vest, helmet, and eye protection. The hybrid camo we talked about in previous articles can be seen in the pic below. Please note that the pattern will be confined to armor and belt kit as the UK uses different uniform fabrics for temperate and desert environments. Following this reasoning, if you are going to use different fabrics, why not use different patterns. You can also see the Crye-style Combat Shirt in the PECOC camo. The MoD has determined that this will be the colorway for the new camo pattern but that they may come up with an entirely new pattern.



Watch the BBC Video Here.

Read the Daily Mail article here.

The British Army Defence News article is here.

Photo from Daily Mail.

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