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UK Hybrid DPM

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Limited quantities of kit in the proposed “Hybrid DPM” have already been on issue to troops deployed to Afghanistan. This new camo pattern is being developed as part of the PECOC program. While it remains developmental it is interesting to see to what extent it is already being used operationally.

Hybrid DPM Battle Bag Hybrid DPM Battle Bag Tag

Recently these photos surfaced of a Battle Bag issued to a Tommy on Op Herrick.

Hybrid DPM Osprey V3 cover
Additionally, Royal Navy personnel have been observed wearing some of the 1200 Hybrid DPM Osprey V3 covers purchased last year.

5.11 Tactical DPM 3-in-1 Jacket

Friday, February 13th, 2009

5.11 Tactical has been offering exclusive products with retail partners for a couple of years now. Now in the UK, they offer a version of their popular 3-in-1 Jacket in British DPM. This is a good option for British troops awaiting the new PECOC issue.

5.11 Tactical DPM 3-in-1 Jacket

Essentially, three jackets in one, the garment features a waterproof/breathable outer shell and a removable inner fleece jacket. They can each be worn alone or together and mate via main zipper and a low profile strap system in the wrists. The handwarmer pockets are also fleece-lined and there is a removable hood that rolls up into the collar.

Another feature not often found in military clothing is side zippers which allow access to your duty belt. This is particularly useful for MPs or those who carry a sidearm. Additionally, the chest pockets are compatible with 5.11’s Back-up-Belt Systemâ„¢ or other velcro backed pouches.

Available from a variety of UK retailers including Drop Zone Supplies.

Photo from Drop Zone Supplies.

PECOC Update

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Recently some photos of PECOC trials webbing appeared on the net. MOD still has not settled on a camo scheme but the Hybrid Cam for load carriage seems to be catching on. In fact, as you will see in the photos, the actual nylon webbing is in the pattern and there are plans to offer camo buckles and Hypalon as well.

On the load carriage side, there are currently 14 MOLLE-style (yes, we said MOLLE) pouches associated with the PECOC program in addition to a new set of webbing, assault vest, patrol sack, rucksack (bergan), plate carrier, and armor vest. The armor vest has been slimmed down a bit from the current Osprey design in order to improve the agility of the wearer. However, an improved Osprey is in the works for use when there is a need to go in heavy.

PECOC Assault Vest

One of the most interesting features on the assault vest is the use of Hypalon. This can be seen in the photo as Black surfaces. Non-skid has been in use for some time on the shoulders of vest in order to “lock” the buttstock in place. However, the concept’s application in PECOC goes one step further. Hypalon is also sewn to the underside of straps in order to provide improved purchase. Additionally, a large MOLLE grid is supplied in order to customize the vest.

PECOC Webbing

Similar to the current Soldier 95 webbing, the new PECOC variant relies on a “Hippo” padded belt as a foundation. Added to this is a yoke with Hypalon patches on the shoulders and a family of pockets. One item still requires some additional development and that is the closure system for the pouches. Apparently, they are having difficulty establishing a consensus on which style is preferable.

PECOC in the British Press

Saturday, September 20th, 2008


We have previously discussed the British Army’s new PECOC program here and here. Finally, the BBC has shown an interview showcasing the recent evolution of the British Soldier. Although the BBC interviewer never comes out and calls it PECOC, take a keen look at the three Tommies being interviewed. Not only will you see a slightly modified DPM, but a new armor vest, helmet, and eye protection. The hybrid camo we talked about in previous articles can be seen in the pic below. Please note that the pattern will be confined to armor and belt kit as the UK uses different uniform fabrics for temperate and desert environments. Following this reasoning, if you are going to use different fabrics, why not use different patterns. You can also see the Crye-style Combat Shirt in the PECOC camo. The MoD has determined that this will be the colorway for the new camo pattern but that they may come up with an entirely new pattern.



Watch the BBC Video Here.

Read the Daily Mail article here.

The British Army Defence News article is here.

Photo from Daily Mail.

DPM Follow Up

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

In response to queries about a recent article on DPM. The MOD has issued the following statement:


Your e mail of 30 July requesting information about Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) camouflage has been passed to this Department for response. The Defence Clothing Integrated Project Team, part of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is responsible for clothing issues.

I can inform you that there has been no announcement of changes to DPM. The current camouflage patterns are under review as part of Project PECOC (Personal Equipment, Common Operational Clothing) for design, colours and properties, and several variants are being considered. No final decisions have been made about any changes. PECOC is not due into service until 2011, so as development work continues any announcement in the near future is not likely.

I hope this explains the situation.


DES Sec Pol Sec JSC 1b

Apparently, we were incorrect although our sources maintain the veracity of the information. Perhaps this is the British equivalent of the “US Army will switch to Multicam in 2011” rumor. But alas, the problem lies in bureaucracy. For you see, the British military must jump through several hoops, the Initial Gate Business Case and then the dreaded Main Gate Business Case. Officially, the overarching program; Personal Equipment and Common Operational Clothing (PECOC) is barely halfway through the IGBC. Normally, new kit never receives a large unveiling until it has surmounted both obstacles.

To the contrary, we do have sources that insist that a new “hybrid” camo pattern has been developed for use with field equipment and it is a compromise between the current temperate and desert versions of DPM. Additionally, limited numbers of assault packs have been produced in this pattern and are in use in Afghanistan and kit in this new pattern were on display at a recent military expo.

DPM – Camo Across the Pond

Friday, June 20th, 2008

British Soldier Systems industry sources have indicated that the MOD is poised to announce next week changes to the temperate and arid variants of the Disruptive Pattern Material camouflage. Testing of a digital version of the pattern has been halted and in its place both the arid and temperate styles will see a slight palette change in order to better accommodate scrub brush. Additionally, an entirely new variant of DPM is set to be unveiled that is intended exclusively for field equipment and is a compromise between the two current patterns.