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DPM Follow Up

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

In response to queries about a recent article on DPM. The MOD has issued the following statement:


Your e mail of 30 July requesting information about Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) camouflage has been passed to this Department for response. The Defence Clothing Integrated Project Team, part of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is responsible for clothing issues.

I can inform you that there has been no announcement of changes to DPM. The current camouflage patterns are under review as part of Project PECOC (Personal Equipment, Common Operational Clothing) for design, colours and properties, and several variants are being considered. No final decisions have been made about any changes. PECOC is not due into service until 2011, so as development work continues any announcement in the near future is not likely.

I hope this explains the situation.


DES Sec Pol Sec JSC 1b

Apparently, we were incorrect although our sources maintain the veracity of the information. Perhaps this is the British equivalent of the “US Army will switch to Multicam in 2011” rumor. But alas, the problem lies in bureaucracy. For you see, the British military must jump through several hoops, the Initial Gate Business Case and then the dreaded Main Gate Business Case. Officially, the overarching program; Personal Equipment and Common Operational Clothing (PECOC) is barely halfway through the IGBC. Normally, new kit never receives a large unveiling until it has surmounted both obstacles.

To the contrary, we do have sources that insist that a new “hybrid” camo pattern has been developed for use with field equipment and it is a compromise between the current temperate and desert versions of DPM. Additionally, limited numbers of assault packs have been produced in this pattern and are in use in Afghanistan and kit in this new pattern were on display at a recent military expo.