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PECOC Update

Recently some photos of PECOC trials webbing appeared on the net. MOD still has not settled on a camo scheme but the Hybrid Cam for load carriage seems to be catching on. In fact, as you will see in the photos, the actual nylon webbing is in the pattern and there are plans to offer camo buckles and Hypalon as well.

On the load carriage side, there are currently 14 MOLLE-style (yes, we said MOLLE) pouches associated with the PECOC program in addition to a new set of webbing, assault vest, patrol sack, rucksack (bergan), plate carrier, and armor vest. The armor vest has been slimmed down a bit from the current Osprey design in order to improve the agility of the wearer. However, an improved Osprey is in the works for use when there is a need to go in heavy.

PECOC Assault Vest

One of the most interesting features on the assault vest is the use of Hypalon. This can be seen in the photo as Black surfaces. Non-skid has been in use for some time on the shoulders of vest in order to “lock” the buttstock in place. However, the concept’s application in PECOC goes one step further. Hypalon is also sewn to the underside of straps in order to provide improved purchase. Additionally, a large MOLLE grid is supplied in order to customize the vest.

PECOC Webbing

Similar to the current Soldier 95 webbing, the new PECOC variant relies on a “Hippo” padded belt as a foundation. Added to this is a yoke with Hypalon patches on the shoulders and a family of pockets. One item still requires some additional development and that is the closure system for the pouches. Apparently, they are having difficulty establishing a consensus on which style is preferable.

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