Load Bearing Armor from Archangel Armor and Mystery Ranch

Load Bearing Body Armor by Archangel Armor

Newcomer to the armor game Archangel Armor has teamed with load bearing genius Mystery Ranch to produce what we consider the next evolutionary step in body armor design; Load Bearing Armor. Take a look at the photo above. Mystery Ranch has adapted their pack frame system to distribute the load across the shoulders and waist like a pack. Additionally, this design provides for better air circulation and helps to eliminate injuries from back face deformation. The design utilizes life support capable Cobra buckles to bear the weight of the armor and any plates or packs attached to the frame. They are currently working on a single pull cut away system that will activate all of the buckles simultaneously and will simplify reassembly to, in the words of developer, Paul Carter, “20 Seconds”.

You really have to see it to believe it and this video shot by Marine Corps Times at Modern Day Marine gives you a pretty good idea of the concept.

Photo and video from Marine Corps Times.

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