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TAD’s New Merino Proline Neck Gaiter and Brain Case Watch Cap

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Proline Neck Gaiter
Neck gaiters have been around for some time. My introduction to them was seeing Royal Marines in the Falklands campaign wearing them for warmth against the extreme weather. Based on this, years later while in the Army I jumped at the chance to purchase a commercial offering made from polypropylene. Unfortunately, neither the design nor fabric were very good. However, TAD seems to have gotten it right with theirs. At work or at play, the low bulk Proline Neck Gaiter combines military functionality with outdoor industry fabrics. The gaiter is unique in that it is cut on a bias. You often see this feature with balaclavas but not neck gaiters. This allows you to wear it folded over turtleneck-style or pulled up completely over the face.

TAD Proline Neck GaiterTAD’s New Merino Proline Neck Gaiter

Brain Case Watch Cap
TAD designed this comfortable knit cap to be low profile so that it would fit under a variety of headgear. The Merino’s low bulk to insulation ratio means that your helmet won’t sit way up on your head. It is very comfortable. So much so that my four year old has absconded with mine.

TAD Brain Case Watch Cap

Merino Wool
Both products are manufactured from Australian Merino Wool which has been used in the outdoor industry for some time due to its breathability and wickability. Merino has some additional traits that make it great as a tactical fabric but it has only recently been used in this application here in the US due to Berry issues. Please remember that as a natural fiber Merino wool is inherently FR. It is extremely soft, pill resistant, and you won’t notice any of that itchy feeling normally associated with wool. This is great for those with severe sensitivities or lanolin allergies.

Both of these fine products are available in Black, M.E. Green, and M.E. Brown.

Visit TAD Gear to order both the watch cap and neck gaiter.


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