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Cadex Defence NOD Mount

Cadex Defence

Recently we began to introduce our readership to the Canadian firm, Cadex Defence. As we alluded to in that article, Cadex makes a wide variety of products. In fact, their “7-inch Hook” designed for climbing was featured on Defense News’ AUSA Blog. Although still somewhat rare, Cadex manufactures a NOD Mount that is in use by some of our country’s most elite forces.

CADEX Defence NOD Mount

Flexibility was the key when the mount was designed. Since it is a strap based design it will work with a variety of helmets. Additionally, it will accept both bayonet and dove tail brackets and is designed to accept external battery packs or counter weights on the rear of the mount.

Cadex NVG Mount

The mount allows the operator to adjust the tension of the flip up mount preventing the NODs from falling down when in the up position.

Go to Cadex Defence to check out their line of products. Most of their products aren’t on their site so if you have specialist requirements it is best to contact them directly.


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