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Cadex Defence Introduces 6 Complete Sniper Rifles at SHOT Show

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Visit Cadex Defence at booth #13368.

Cadex Dealer Catalogue For 2014

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013


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AUSA – Cadex Defence

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012


The Mk15 Upgrade Kit is designed to take a McMillan single shot .50 bolt action weapon and turn it into a magazine fed weapon. Utilizing the Cadex Defence Chassis System, it is a modular system that will allow future upgrades or changes in components. The modular construction of the Strike 50 stock also makes for a stronger chassis as the “lower” is a single piece. Additionally, the chassis is configurable through the use of Picatinny rail sections.


The folding stock is adjustable for comb, length of pull and buttpad height without tools.


This upgrade kit is available through ADS Inc.

Cadex Defence Introduces New Rifle Chassis Family

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Canada-based Cadex Defence will debut the new Strike 33 rifle chassis at DSEI in the Rangemaster booth (# N8-393). It joins the Strike 30 and Strike 50, both already on the market. The Strike 30 is designed for .308 rifles, and naturally the 50 is built to accept .50 barreled actions. The new Strike 33 adds the popular .338 Lapua to the lineup.

All of the stocks are folders and incorporate adjustable comb height, length of pull as well as butt pad. Additionally, the lower housing is removable for for maintenance and adjustment and has a magazine well for removable magazines. Finally, the fully configurable fore end features detachable Picatinny rail segments so that you only add rail where you need it.

Cadex Defence Launches New Site

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Cadex Defence has maintained a pretty low profile over the years. While they might be short on publicity they are long on credibility. Take a gander at their products page. It’s no wonder that so many turn to them to solve special problems. Rumor has it that they participated in working some of the manufacturing kinks out of the ACR although no one will verify this.

New Cadex Defence Website

Cadex Defence NOD Mount

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Cadex Defence

Recently we began to introduce our readership to the Canadian firm, Cadex Defence. As we alluded to in that article, Cadex makes a wide variety of products. In fact, their “7-inch Hook” designed for climbing was featured on Defense News’ AUSA Blog. Although still somewhat rare, Cadex manufactures a NOD Mount that is in use by some of our country’s most elite forces.

CADEX Defence NOD Mount

Flexibility was the key when the mount was designed. Since it is a strap based design it will work with a variety of helmets. Additionally, it will accept both bayonet and dove tail brackets and is designed to accept external battery packs or counter weights on the rear of the mount.

Cadex NVG Mount

The mount allows the operator to adjust the tension of the flip up mount preventing the NODs from falling down when in the up position.

Go to Cadex Defence to check out their line of products. Most of their products aren’t on their site so if you have specialist requirements it is best to contact them directly.

Cadex Inc. – Surveillance Tools

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Cadex Defence

You might think Cadex stands for Canadian Excellence once you get your hands on some of their kit. They have been building specialized equipment for some of the most exclusive customers in North America for some time and now they want to offer their products to a wider audience.

Of particular interest are the Modular Surveillance Rail and Spotting Scope Inverter. There seems to be quite a few companies coming out with similar products, but there are the real deal. They are actively in use by various organizations.


Cadex Surveillance Rail - Complete

It has been in production for around 2 years and was developed so a surveillance or sniper team could decrease the amount of gear they needed to carry by integrating a team’s organic equipment such as the same night vision (UNS) that you would mount on your rifle as well as using your spotting scope instead of purchasing (and carrying) specialized camera lenses.

Cadex Surveillance Rail - Day

Cadex is an interesting fusion of engineers, master machinists, and BTDTs. This team made sure all release buttons are easily manipulated in extreme environments such as cold weather and darkness and that every knob or adjustment wheel is pinned in place so you do not lose it by accident. The mount is CNCed from a billet of aluminum.

What’s really cool is that it mounts an M-4 rifle butt for added control in the prone. This also means it will mount to standard tripods or can be used with a front bipod and the quick detach M-4 butt.

Cadex Surveillance Rail - with stock attached

Everything is designed to be modular and you can quickly remove any component say for instance, if you need only the day optic or spotting scope, camera, etc.

Cadex also manufactures interface adapters for the camera and spotting scope/night sight so there are no light issues.

Cadex Surveillance Rail - Complete

Seen above is the Gen 1 model. Cadex is coming out with a GEN 2 that will have a universal camera mount in order to accommodate a wider range of cameras and night vision systems. They are also adding a Mil Std 1913 side rail for lasers, etc. The Gen 2 will be ready this fall.


The spotting scope inverter has been in production for about 4 years and was designed to give the sniper a lower head position. Mil Std 1913 side rails were added to accommodate IR lasers for identifying targets. The trick to the inverter was was to make one unit that fit the three different models (seen below) that Leupold made over the last couple of years.

Leupold Spotting Scopes

They also designed a bow in the rails to prevent any loosening or shaking.

Cadex Spotting Scope Inverter

Cadex is constantly improving their products based on feedback from their customers and will be releasing a new inverter in a couple of weeks that mounts an UNS in front of the scope.

Go to Cadex Defence to check out their line of products. They are constantly updating their product line so if you have specific requirements contact them directly.