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Cadex Defence Introduces New Rifle Chassis Family

Canada-based Cadex Defence will debut the new Strike 33 rifle chassis at DSEI in the Rangemaster booth (# N8-393). It joins the Strike 30 and Strike 50, both already on the market. The Strike 30 is designed for .308 rifles, and naturally the 50 is built to accept .50 barreled actions. The new Strike 33 adds the popular .338 Lapua to the lineup.

All of the stocks are folders and incorporate adjustable comb height, length of pull as well as butt pad. Additionally, the lower housing is removable for for maintenance and adjustment and has a magazine well for removable magazines. Finally, the fully configurable fore end features detachable Picatinny rail segments so that you only add rail where you need it.

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4 Responses to “Cadex Defence Introduces New Rifle Chassis Family”

  1. Strategos says:

    Any word on what rifles the Strike 30 and 33s will interface with? I know the 50 interfaces with McMillan Tac50s.

  2. Administrator says:

    Here is what I got from Cadex

    At the moment the Cadex Strike 30 chassis interface with Rangmaster .308 action, the Cadex strike 50 chassis interface with McMlan Tac 50 action and with the PGW Defence Technologies 50 action.

    The Cadex Strike 33 chassis will very soon interface with Rangmaster .338 action and with the Remington 700 long action. The Cadex Strike 30 chassis will also soon interface with Remington 700 short action.

    Upon a minimum quantity ordered, the Cadex Strike 30, 33 or 50 chassis can be tailored for a large variety of action. Please contact Cadex Inc. for a proper understanding of your request.

  3. Strategos says:

    Have they released any pricing information?

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