GORE-TEX Professional

Wild Things Tactical Andinista Pack

Originally envisioned for recreational mountaineering, military climbers immediately saw the Andinista’s applicability for their use. Designed for application where a user will need to be able to haul more volume than weight such as carrying sleep systems and bivy clothing, the Andinista is manufactured from a composite VX-21 fabric that is waterproof to 200 psi. Consequently, the pack uses a removable bivy pad to help with rigidity and padding. It also incorporates features you will normally find in mountaineering packs such as ice axe loop, haul loops, snow collar on main opening, haul loops, daisy chains, ski slots, etc. It can accommodate loads between 45l and 90l.

Having seen service an areas such as Nanga Parbat and Sangin Province, the Andinista is a PJ favorite and often used for resupply bundles. It’ll hold 8 rifles as well as a full combat load for each and is jumpable.

The Andinista is currently undergoing evaluation by Master Proven.



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