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PolyCase Ammunition Exhibits At London’s Defense And Security Equipment Trade Show

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Savannah, GA – PolyCase Ammunition, makers of ammunition for the 21st century, launches its revolutionary Inceptor by PolyCase line of ammunition in the United Kingdom during the 2015 Defense and Security Equipment International trade show at the ExCeL convention center in London, beginning Tuesday, 15 September through Friday, 18 September 2015.

Fair goers can view the Inceptor by PolyCase ammunition lineup at either of the two PolyCase Ammunition booths, S4-180 or N5-371. To learn more about this revolutionary ammunition please visit our company representatives as well as European and United Kingdom agents during the fair.

“PolyCase Ammunition continues to lead the way in the advancement of ammunition manufacturing for the 21st century. Our proprietary, injection molded projectiles are range compliant yet produce the terminal performance demanded by our European customers, be they hunters, sport shooters or defense and security operators. Our customers appreciate the higher velocities, flatter trajectories and match-grade accuracy afforded at highly competitive pricing, courtesy of the patented materials and advanced manufacturing methods used to produce the Inceptor by PolyCase line of brass-cased ammunition,” said PolyCase Ammunition CEO and Founder, Paul Lemke.

Inceptor by PolyCase ammunition features their patent-pending metal-polymer projectiles produced by a patent-pending, technologically advanced and fully automated injection-molding process. The material –– a proprietary metal alloy with a high-tensile strength nylon binder developed specifically for projectiles –– produces lighter, faster, extremely accurate bullets with less recoil that are engineered to display uniformity in concentricity and weight.


New LWAC Ammunition Case Heralds Revolution In Military Ammunition Resupply

Monday, September 14th, 2015

LWAC - M113

PPD shows fully tested LWAC ammunition case which reduces weight by 70%

Hvidovre Denmark 15th September 2015: A recently tested lightweight small arms ammunition case is on display on the PPD stand, S7-261, during DSEI. Utilising composite materials and innovative design it reduces the weight of a standard NATO ammunition case by 70% and increases the number of rounds that can be carried on a standard NATO pallet by 10%.

The PPD LWAC (Lightweight Ammunition Case) completed various UN tests in Feb 2015 and was accepted by the end user in May 2015. The LWAC is now certified for use in non-operational areas such as training, paving the way for initial orders for training ammunition etc. The operational area tests (STANAG 4423) are underway. So far the LWAC has passed all of those it has faced such as the bonfire and being “fired at” tests.

The significance of the weight saving is demonstrated by the savings that Denmark would have made during its deployment to Afghanistan in 2012. It would have represented a saving of 8 C-130 flights (and €1.14M) just in entry flights let alone savings on in theatre transport. The US is striving to achieve a 10% reduction in theatre/combat zone transport. It has been calculated that such a saving would have saved the US 7 lives a year in Afghanistan. Shifting ammunition is a very large part of the logistic requirement so any weight saving has an instant human return not to mention savings in costs, CO2 emissions and other green issues etc. For the humble infantryman the weight saving will reduce future medical costs for damaged knees and backs.

LWAC stacked

PPD’s LWAC can be safely packed and stowed with no requirement for modification to platforms, stowage systems or weapon mounts. Different colours can be incorporated into the composite LWAC case to signifying the type of ammunition within it, blue= training, green=operational etc. As the LWAC cases can be made transparent, still with the colouring pigment, the number of rounds can be counted without having to open the case saving time during stock checks. An RFID tag can be built it allowing each case, its content and its movement to be tracked from the moment the LWAC case is made to the moment it comes out of service.

“The LWAC has undergone a series of rigorous tests conducted by NAMMO Raufoss and watched by independent observers. LWAC® performed exactly as we predicted and wanted,” said Jan Engmann, CEO of PPD.

“The effort put in by our specialist advisers and experts has been vindicated and the benefits of using composite in this way are there for all to see. The weight savings we have achieved with the resulting cost reduction make it a simple decision for logisticians,” added Engmann.

“Our strategy has been global from the beginning and the LWAC is already under evaluation by the MoD´s of UK, US, Singapore, UAE, Denmark and Norway,” he continued

The LWAC is fully recyclable without any preparation and meets all the EU requirements for “green gas” emissions out to 2040. Other cases and lightweight pallets are in design.


Angel 7 Industries – Imagery From The Latest Photo Shoot

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Angel 7 Industries has provided imagery and a release from their latest photo shoot of the i-RMR ballistic lens technology.


The most versatile eye pro on the market. A7 has developed a proprietary manufacturing process that allows various technologies to be combined into a single lens for multi mission capable eye pro systems that can be worn either day or night. A7’s Ghost Shield photochromic technology, the industry’s fastest and clearest photochromic, has successfully been combined with High Definition, LEP, and mirrored options (MP series) that transform from slightly sheened lenses into fully mirrored lenses in direct sunlight.

The benefit is that an operator now only needs to carry one lens instead of two or three to compensate for different threat levels and for day and night time use. A7’s Apollo, Raptor, and Stealth eye pro systems will debut at the 2015 DESI show in London, the world’s leading international Security and Defense event.


Tyron And Global Wheelto Supply Run Flat Wheel Assemblies For Springbuck APC

Sunday, September 13th, 2015


Reduces production time and enhances vehicle capability

Loughborough, UK, 15th September 2015: The Springbuck Armoured Personnel Carrier manufactured in South Africa by DCD Defence, is fitted with complete runflat wheel assemblies provided by Tyron and its South African partner Global Wheel.

The initial contract for three complete sets of wheels are fitted with the Global Wheel bolt-together rim, Tyron multi-part All Terrain Rubber Runflat inserts and Continental tyres. These systems will be exposed to extreme harsh African terrains.


“By providing the complete assembly, DCD Defence can reduce the production line assembly requirements. The end user is provided with a proven, highly reliable solution which will keep the vehicle moving safely in the event of a sudden tyre deflation. The wheels can be changed without any special tools even at the roadside,” said Richard Glazebrook, Managing Director of Tyron Runflats Ltd.

Tyron ATR wheel assembly has a unique multi-part rubber runflat fitted to the Global Wheels two part bolt-together steel wheels. This system is locally manufactured specifically for the Springbuck APC.

The Tyron All Terrain Rubber runflat is not only a multi-piece unit but also successfully passed ballistic tests. Emphasis was placed on the connections to ensure that under severe ballistic attack the ATR is not compromised as rubber absorbs far more energy than hard materials from kerb strikes and IEDs.
The Global Wheels bolt-together wheels are available in both steel and aluminium, the rubber of the ATR is enhanced to ensure beadlock, which offers a guaranteed high level off-road flat tyre performance which is not possible with composite runflats.

With Tyron ATRs fitted, the Springbuck APC can be driven for a minimum of 50 km even with all tyres being damaged.

The Springbuck APC features a powerful MWM6 cylinder diesel turbo charged engine and carries a driver and ten personnel. With B6 ballistic protection upgradeable to B7, the all-steel armoured V-shaped hull is designed to withstand a TM57 mine directly under the hull and two under any wheel. The standard configuration can be easily adapted to suit various applications and end user requirements.

Tyron is exhibiting its range of ATRs on stand N9-300 during DSEI 2015 in London from 15 to 18 September. DCD Defence is exhibiting its range on stand N3-110.


Marshall confirms capabilities in providing military vehicle stretcher systems

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Media Release

Date: 10th September 2015


Casualty handling on the battlefield is critical to maintaining moral. To achieve this not only is excellent training needed but also a high quality ambulance fit out. Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has developed a range of stretcher systems to be fitted into armoured ambulances and will be discussing these during DSEI 2015 on stand S3-310.

The systems have been developed based on the proven experience of supplying stretcher solutions for a range of armoured ambulances in service across Europe and over 800 stretcher systems for the ubiquitous Land Rover Ambulance which has been in service around the world for over 40 years with the British and other Armies.

“The skills of our engineering teams in developing these stretcher systems demonstrate that not only that Marshall is able to work closely with the end user and our partners but also has the innovate skills to deliver a quality, long lasting solution which is fit for purpose,” said Steve Fitz-Gerald, Chief Executive of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group.

“Whenever nations are either upgrading their vehicle fleets or purchasing new ones there are opportunities for us to integrate the medical equipment into the clinical white space as well as provide stretcher systems using our proven vehicle engineering skills,” he added.

The stretcher systems are designed to maximise the working space in each type of vehicle for the medical attendant to monitor and treat the casualty, whether on a stretcher or seated.

The loading systems are engineered to minimise the effort and time of loading the stretcher by the combat medics into the vehicle so reducing the risk to themselves, the casualty and the vehicle.


Gentex Corporation Demonstrates More Robust Line of Defense Solutions at DSEI

Friday, September 11th, 2015

New cross platform helmet and laser defense eyewear technology for aircrew add to combined power of Gentex, Ops-Core and ALPHA brands

Carbondale, PA, September 9, 2015. Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces will demonstrate their industry leading lines of Gentex, Ops-Core and ALPHA helmet systems for both ground and air applications at DSEI, September 15 – 18, Excel, London. Featured among them will be their latest innovations for aircrew, a cross platform helmet system and laser defense eyewear.

The new ALPHA 900 Cross-Platform Helmet System is the only aircrew helmet platform configurable for fixed and rotary wing applications, reducing the logistics trail for those responsible for supporting both helmet platforms. Designed for the U.K.’s MoD, the ALPHA 900 features a modern, lightweight solution. Gentex’s line of laser protective, flight-helmet mounted visors and spectacles that help combat emerging laser threats to pilots are also being featured. The day/night laser glare reduction lenses are designed to maintain see-through color perception, while providing protection from green and blue commercial lasers.

“We’re excited to showcase our innovative cross platform helmet system and laser defense eyewear at DSEI, which will be donned by many international pilots,” said L.P. Frieder, president, Gentex Corporation. “These solutions represent our commitment to continually advance our broad array of performance and protection capabilities for defense forces around the world.”

Gentex added the ALPHA product line to its aircrew portfolio in July 2014 with the acquisition of Helmet Integrated Systems Limited. Since then, they’ve combined the world-class product lines, technologies, and manufacturing resources of the two companies to expand their international business and provide customers greater value. This has enabled Gentex Corporation to offer one of the most advanced, comprehensive lines of integrated helmet systems in the defense and industrial markets.

Other innovative solutions on display from the company include the Ops-Core RAC headset, now in production, which provides true 3D hearing technology (3D HT); and, a live, on the water display with partner Survitec of the Gentex LVIS Digital, a modular intercom system for combatant, patrol and rescue craft.

In the DSEI U.K. Pavilion, stand N3-564, Gentex will demonstrate their solutions for aircrew, and in the U.S. Pavilion, stand N5-360, they’ll demonstrate their solutions for ground troops. Product experts will be on hand to meet with customers and media throughout the show.

Gentex Corporation is the leading supplier of high-performance flight equipment and services for military, law enforcement and rescue aircrew worldwide. Gentex has been a supplier for over 50 years on many key international aircrew programs, including the most advanced one to date, the U.S. Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. For the JSF, Gentex will supply hearing and communication products, eye protection and the helmet system platform and respiratory protection system to the elite aircrew entrusted to command the most advanced fighter craft to date, the JSF F-35 Lightning II.


Lincad Brings To Market Battery Chargers Designed With UK MOD

Thursday, September 10th, 2015


See the Caravel Mk2 and Power Scavenger at DSEI 2015 Stand-S4-430

Press Release – 9th September 2015

Following the successful showcasing in 2014 of the prototype Caravel Mk2 and Power Scavenger battery chargers, Lincad is pleased to announce that it has now brought the finished products to market. The company will be demonstrating the capabilities of both chargers, designed in co-operation with the UK MOD, on its stand at DSEI 2015.

Lincad is a leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems for the military and other specialist applications. Operating since 1986, Lincad is a privately owned UK company with nearly 30 years’ experience at the forefront of battery and charger technology and design.

Caravel Mk2 Charger
The Caravel Mk2 Charger is an enhanced, cutting edge replacement for the original Caravel Charger which has seen front line service with British and international armed forces for 15 years. Featuring the very latest developments in battery charging technology and design, it offers multi-chemistry charging of batteries from any original equipment manufacturer, making it possible to bring an entire battery fleet under the management umbrella of a single charging unit. With twin USB ports, it will also charge USB-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets simultaneously.

Power Scavenger
The Power Scavenger is Lincad’s all-purpose solution to mobile power management in any situation where reliability, light weight and ease of use are critical. Offering the end user true flexibility in charging options, it can charge different battery types of any electrochemistry as well as USB-enabled devices from any DC input such as solar panels, a vehicle or other batteries.

In addition to armed forces across the world, the Caravel Mk2 Charger and the Power Scavenger will also be of interest to any organisation conducting operations in extreme environments.

Brian Soden, Managing Director of Lincad, commented:

“We’re delighted to be exhibiting the Caravel Mk2 Charger and the Power Scavenger at DSEI 2015. Both of these chargers, designed in co-operation with the MOD, demonstrate the strength of our commitment to the continual evolution of our product range and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate that to the international delegations who will be attending the show.”


Savox Communications To Attend DSEI

Thursday, September 10th, 2015


Savox Communications DSEI Preview Press Release

High Impact, DSEI 2015 Presence for Savox Communications

· Pivotal European launch of future soldier headgear system expected to turn heads

· Contract wins and latest compact intercom C3I communications developments

Espoo, Finland, September, 2015 – Leading provider of C3I and communications solutions for defence, security and professional public safety users, Savox Communications, will be exhibiting at the World Leading Defence and Security event, DSEI 2015 (15-18 September), at ExCel, London, (Stand N5-442). At the show, Savox will launch the latest variants of its combat headgear system and its compact intercom C3I solution into the European market. The company will also be making a further major announcement at the event.

Taking pride of place on the Savox stand will be its THOR Combat Headgear System, which will be unveiled to a European audience for the first time – not simply to look at, but also to try out for themselves. Already adopted for use by its first customer, the Finnish Defence Force, THOR is an ideal component for the many future infantry soldier modernisation programmes underway globally. It has a major role to play on tomorrow’s battlefields, whether in traditional combat scenarios, or in urban counter-terrorism and security operations, homeland security and Special Forces’ ops.

Also to be showcased at DSEI, the company’s compact intercom system, IMP-CH. Visitors will be able to experience IMP-CH through a working simulation demonstrating its capabilities, daily, throughout the event. IMP-CH has been developed to meet the most demanding C3I requirements for applications aboard the widest B-vehicle inventory on land. At sea, IMP-CH is suited for use aboard small vessels, such as RIBs and larger ships, including corvettes, destroyers and aircraft carriers.


Mikael Westerlund, Savox Communications’ SVP Global Marketing, said, “DSEI is a milestone for Savox, as we demonstrate our strengths in communications and security solutions, gained over 30 years, to an audience with limited experience of our capabilities. We expect to surprise them.

“Both THOR and IMP-CH, the two highlights on our stand, meet the evolving needs of a range of demanding defence and security end users; introducing them into Europe promises to be very exciting, as we make our mark firmly as a defence industry player. For its part, the THOR Combat Headgear System on display will offer visitors a vision of the soldier of the future; as for IMP-CH, we are expecting some good news on that front at the show, so watch this space! ”