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Tyron And Global Wheelto Supply Run Flat Wheel Assemblies For Springbuck APC


Reduces production time and enhances vehicle capability

Loughborough, UK, 15th September 2015: The Springbuck Armoured Personnel Carrier manufactured in South Africa by DCD Defence, is fitted with complete runflat wheel assemblies provided by Tyron and its South African partner Global Wheel.

The initial contract for three complete sets of wheels are fitted with the Global Wheel bolt-together rim, Tyron multi-part All Terrain Rubber Runflat inserts and Continental tyres. These systems will be exposed to extreme harsh African terrains.


“By providing the complete assembly, DCD Defence can reduce the production line assembly requirements. The end user is provided with a proven, highly reliable solution which will keep the vehicle moving safely in the event of a sudden tyre deflation. The wheels can be changed without any special tools even at the roadside,” said Richard Glazebrook, Managing Director of Tyron Runflats Ltd.

Tyron ATR wheel assembly has a unique multi-part rubber runflat fitted to the Global Wheels two part bolt-together steel wheels. This system is locally manufactured specifically for the Springbuck APC.

The Tyron All Terrain Rubber runflat is not only a multi-piece unit but also successfully passed ballistic tests. Emphasis was placed on the connections to ensure that under severe ballistic attack the ATR is not compromised as rubber absorbs far more energy than hard materials from kerb strikes and IEDs.
The Global Wheels bolt-together wheels are available in both steel and aluminium, the rubber of the ATR is enhanced to ensure beadlock, which offers a guaranteed high level off-road flat tyre performance which is not possible with composite runflats.

With Tyron ATRs fitted, the Springbuck APC can be driven for a minimum of 50 km even with all tyres being damaged.

The Springbuck APC features a powerful MWM6 cylinder diesel turbo charged engine and carries a driver and ten personnel. With B6 ballistic protection upgradeable to B7, the all-steel armoured V-shaped hull is designed to withstand a TM57 mine directly under the hull and two under any wheel. The standard configuration can be easily adapted to suit various applications and end user requirements.

Tyron is exhibiting its range of ATRs on stand N9-300 during DSEI 2015 in London from 15 to 18 September. DCD Defence is exhibiting its range on stand N3-110.

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2 Responses to “Tyron And Global Wheelto Supply Run Flat Wheel Assemblies For Springbuck APC”

  1. Ross says:

    Just about everything we know today about APC design had its early origins way back during the 1970’s-1980’s in the SADF/Krygkor.

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Yep, and the US had to be dragged kicking and screaming into these combat proven mine-resistant vehicles, even as the casualties soared. Never forget that prime example of the too-big, too-stupid-ism, which seems to be the dominant mode of our Army, our government, and much of our society.