Angel 7 Industries – Imagery From The Latest Photo Shoot

Angel 7 Industries has provided imagery and a release from their latest photo shoot of the i-RMR ballistic lens technology.


The most versatile eye pro on the market. A7 has developed a proprietary manufacturing process that allows various technologies to be combined into a single lens for multi mission capable eye pro systems that can be worn either day or night. A7’s Ghost Shield photochromic technology, the industry’s fastest and clearest photochromic, has successfully been combined with High Definition, LEP, and mirrored options (MP series) that transform from slightly sheened lenses into fully mirrored lenses in direct sunlight.

The benefit is that an operator now only needs to carry one lens instead of two or three to compensate for different threat levels and for day and night time use. A7’s Apollo, Raptor, and Stealth eye pro systems will debut at the 2015 DESI show in London, the world’s leading international Security and Defense event.

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  1. bulldog76 says:

    hmmm i would love to get some of these so when and how ?