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Warrior West – Cadex SOLO Sight Mount

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

The SOLO Sight Mount may be familiar to reader who are Marines. It is a component of the USMC Heavy Machine Gun Sight System and has been given the nomenclature of M520 Ballistic Extended Rail Mount and is intended for use with the M2, Mk 19 and HK GMG.

Essentially, the SOLO serves as a shock absorber for the sights, absorbing up to 88% of the recoil force. Additionally, a collapsible eye cup is available for the telescopic optic that not only helps maintain focus on the optic, but also accounts for an additional 8% of recoiled force. Together, they offer a much more stable optic for these heavy weapons.

The Picatinny standard SOLO has a quad-rail configuration. Two are across the top of the mount for optic and red dot back up as well as a side mounted rails for LRF or other devices.

Additionally, the SOLO features an easy-to-adjust, illuminated elevation wheel which quickly raises and lowers the sights. The wheel is reversible and easily swapped from .50 to 40mm.

Milipol – Cadex Debuts CDX-50 Tremor

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

The Cadex CDX-50 Tremor is a .50 BMG precision rifle mounted to their Strike Chassis System. The chassis incorporates a closed top rail to mitigate mirage. The weapon also features a 50 deg bolt roll, 4 lug system.  

 The bolt face offers double ejectors and dissembly is a snap.

 Toward the business end of the barrel, there is a barrel band to accommodate the mounting of a their slip-on suppressor and the barrel is finished with their MX-1 muzzle brake which debuted at SHOT Show 2015.

SHOT Show – Cadex

Thursday, January 16th, 2014


The new Field Chassis series (Urban Strike and Field Strike) were designed for use in the sporting markets and instances where those in military/LE are looking for a lower cost version of the Cadex Chassis system. The core is a little bit stripped down from the full chassis but at half the cost, it’s an attractive option. It also allows the user to assemble their own custom rifle solution. There are models for Remington, Manley, Savage 10, Stellar , Sako, Tika T3 and McMillan actions. Users can also add a AR style receiver extension to accommodate a fixed or collapsible stock. However, the Field Chassis does not include a full length upper rail or the ability to add Picatinny rail sections all along the integrated handguard.

Cadex SHOT Show Contest

Sunday, January 12th, 2014


Cadex is seeking for new dealers. Stop by their booth #13167 January 14th-17th and put your hand on their new models and enter for a chance to win a chassis.

Cadex Dealer Catalogue For 2014

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013


Click to view .pdf

DSEi – Cadex

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013


Cadex is introducing the new Strike Lite Chassis. Featuring a smaller tube than its predecessor it is both more compact and lighter yet retains all of the features of the standard Strike Chassis. In fact, it weighs in at 6.1 lbs with Mil Std 1913 rails or 5.8 lbs without. Additionally, Cadex offers a butt pad extender as well as a sandbag rest that can replace the rear monopod. One additional feature is the incorporation of back up screws in the chassis in case you lose one on a mission.


Finally, Cadex has changed the sling attachment point. It is no longer incorporated directly into the chassis but rather comes as a rail adaptor. This new adaptor will also fit the XM2010 chassis.


CADEX Press Release Regarding Patent Rights for Rifle Chassis

Friday, May 17th, 2013

CADEX retains production and sales rights to its Strike Dual Rifle Chassis
design following the settlement of Ashbury suit

Quebec, Canada – May 16, 2013 – CADEX Inc. (CADEX Defence, Inc.) and Ashbury International Group, Inc. recently settled a nearly 18-month legal battle concerning modular sniper rifle stock design elements. Following the May 2 settlement, CADEX retains the production and sales rights to its existing Strike Dual Rifle Chassis design and will continue manufacturing and selling the dual rail rifle chassis system in the United States and globally.

CADEX announces the end to a patent infringement suit brought by Ashbury, who alleged that the earlier generation single rail CADEX Strike rifle chassis had infringed an Ashbury patent. CADEX ceased production of its single rail rifle chassis in mid-2012 when CADEX unveiled the Strike Dual Rifle Chassis design. During the litigation and settlement agreement between the two parties, Ashbury acknowledged that CADEX’s current Strike Dual Rifle Chassis design does not infringe the U.S. patent rights Ashbury holds on its single rail design. In the settlement agreement, Ashbury also agreed that CADEX will not be required to pay Ashbury any royalty or other license fees for CADEX’s continued manufacture and sale of its Strike Dual Rifle Chassis System and further agreed that CADEX’s distributors will not be required to pay any royalty or license fees related to such sales.

“CADEX intended to fight this case until realizing that there was a superior design – the CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis – and that it was not infringing technology. Once CADEX realized they had a superior technology, that clearly did not infringe the Ashbury patent, CADEX had to make the best business decision as to how to settle the lawsuit”, said CADEX CEO Serge Dextraze. “CADEX’s priority was to make sure that CADEX can continue to move forward with its Strike Dual Rifle Chassis product line in the United States and globally, and CADEX has accomplished this goal. CADEX’s second priority was to settle the lawsuit over technology, which had become irrelevant to CADEX’s product line, and CADEX was able to do that inexpensively. It is already well known that the CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis is the best product ever shown and offered on the market. With its recoil mitigation capabilities and attractive and unique style, we are not surprised the CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis attracts that much attention. The CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis is the most unique high-end product ever produced and available on the market.”

As a condition for settlement, Ashbury insisted that CADEX consent to a final judgment stating that Ashbury’s U.S. patent rights on the single rail design are valid and that CADEX’s older single rail chassis design infringed these U.S. patent claims. To entice CADEX’s consent to the judgment, Ashbury offered to settle for a single payment of $50,000 rather its previous demand of $325,000. The wording of the final judgment was carefully tailored to make it clear that only the CADEX Strike single rail design was capable of infringing Ashbury’s U.S. patent, which requires a single, unified or monolithic rail across the top of the chassis – this is not the case with the CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis.

“The average patent case costs in excess of a million dollars to resolve through trial, making these nuisance value settlements attractive. To be clear, there was no trial or court hearing on the merits of anyone’s claims in this case. The resolution was entered into voluntarily. Happily, and with great relief for everyone, it is now clearly established that CADEX has, and will keep, all patents rights for the CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis product line”, said Steven G. Hill of Hill, Kertscher & Wharton, LLP, who acted as lead counsel for CADEX during the case.

As of today, CADEX proclaims that both CADEX and its distributors will no longer be distracted by the now-settled litigation and instead may concentrate on the manufacture and sale of CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis system. CADEX has designed and manufactured various chassis style stocks since 2005, which have been and continue to be used by multiple military and law enforcement agencies. Many of CADEX’s early generation design elements were also chosen for incorporation into the current US Army XM 2010 sniper weapon system.

CADEX’s current Strike Dual Rifle Chassis design features major enhancements that provide operators a solid, accurate chassis-type firing system that requires no tools to adjust the stock for length and comb height. The CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis also features a unique ability to be disassembled for operator-level field maintenance. The keys to this capability are a two-piece top rail and a removable lower frame with magazine well: these advancements simplify disassembly without the need to remove either the rifle action from the chassis, the day sight or rear portion of the receiver rail. Since introducing its first sniper rifle chassis system, CADEX continues to develop improvements and innovative state-of-the-art rifle chassis designs. These are and will continue to be exemplified by the current CADEX Strike Dual Rifle Chassis.

Cadex Offering Dealer Specials at SHOT Show

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Visit Us_shot show 2013.jpg

This year at Shot Show 2013, Cadex will be located at booth 13167 with new products to show including:

Cadex 870 Modular Fore-End Rail System


Cadex C6/ M240 DUAL RAIL

Cadex C6 BUTT

Cadex RED DOT MOUNT for SIG P226
New colors for the Cadex Strike Dual Chassis
Cadex Strike Dual Dual Candy.jpg

New model of Cadex Strike Dual Chassis
Cadex Strike Dual Bio-Z.jpg

Also, dealers, look for a Super Discount for the entire period of the Shot Show 2013. Up to 30 % off of the MSRP for the Cadex Strike Dual Chassis.

Pub Cadex Store Online Shot Show.jpg