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The new Field Chassis series (Urban Strike and Field Strike) were designed for use in the sporting markets and instances where those in military/LE are looking for a lower cost version of the Cadex Chassis system. The core is a little bit stripped down from the full chassis but at half the cost, it’s an attractive option. It also allows the user to assemble their own custom rifle solution. There are models for Remington, Manley, Savage 10, Stellar , Sako, Tika T3 and McMillan actions. Users can also add a AR style receiver extension to accommodate a fixed or collapsible stock. However, the Field Chassis does not include a full length upper rail or the ability to add Picatinny rail sections all along the integrated handguard.

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2 Responses to “SHOT Show – Cadex”

  1. Great to see Cadex branching out with products like this.

  2. Nice review. Thanks a lot!

    I’d like to add a little something.

    On the FIELD SERIES chassis (Field & Urban models) two (2) optional side rails are available. They mount on each side, right at the center of the chassis where you see the plastic boomerangs.

    Thanks again

    Patrice Picard
    Canadian & International Military/Law Enforcement Sales Manager
    [email protected]