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DSEi – Cadex


Cadex is introducing the new Strike Lite Chassis. Featuring a smaller tube than its predecessor it is both more compact and lighter yet retains all of the features of the standard Strike Chassis. In fact, it weighs in at 6.1 lbs with Mil Std 1913 rails or 5.8 lbs without. Additionally, Cadex offers a butt pad extender as well as a sandbag rest that can replace the rear monopod. One additional feature is the incorporation of back up screws in the chassis in case you lose one on a mission.


Finally, Cadex has changed the sling attachment point. It is no longer incorporated directly into the chassis but rather comes as a rail adaptor. This new adaptor will also fit the XM2010 chassis.


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3 Responses to “DSEi – Cadex”

  1. PLiner says:

    It would be nice and they would probably sell more of them if they weren’t 1. Way overpriced compared to similar chassis in the industry.
    2. Way overpriced compared to similar chassis in the industry.(yes I said it twice)
    3. They could actually accommodate an action lug other than a factory Rem 700. Who buys a $2500 chassis and puts a $700 stock Rem 700 action in it?

    They have a good looking product but it’s unrealistically priced for what it is.

    • SSD says:

      Does it work? That’s question number one. If it works and is expansive that’s one thing. If it doesn’t work and it’s expensive that’s another.

      And…amazingly, there are a shit ton of Remington actions out there. The way of the world these days is upgrading equipment already in service, not introducing an entirely new weapon system.

      • PLiner says:

        Apparently you fail to grasp what I mentioned in point #3. The people, as in everyday Joes, who buy this type of chassis are not people who shoot bone stock Remington actions and barrels. A custom action with a remington footprint typically has a beefier lug. So that leave the user with the option to shoot a stock action or a trued Remignton action with the stock size lug.

        Every other chassis manufacturer out there produces an equally high quality product that can accommodate a beefier lug and they do it for half the price. The only features this chassis has that others on the market don’t are the butt stock that folds to the right and a one piece integrated pic rail. Both of which are no reason to charge double, yes double, what the other high end chassis on the market cost.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think they have a nice looking chassis but just like Ashbury’s chassis, which is very similar, it is ridiculously overpriced for no apparent reasons. Which is sad as I think they, both Cadex and Ashbury, would sell more if they adjusted their prices to what the other high end Chassis manufacturers are charging.