Navy Working Uniform Fielding Plan

The Navy has announced the fielding plan for the NWU. Exchanges in the Northeast Region started selling the new uniform in July and currently sales are underway in the National Capital Region as well as issue to new recruits. Next up is the Tidewater Region and they will be available for sales everywhere by October 2010.

Navy Working Uniform Male E-6 and BelowNavy Working Uniform Female Officer

The NWU consists of a blue based digital camo working uniform, eight-point cover, dark blue t-shirts, Gore-tex jacket, and black boots. The blouse and trousers are similar in cut to the Marine Camouflage Combat Utility Uniform except that the blouse’s chest pockets are parallel to the deck instead of slanted. Additionally, an Anchor, USS Constitution, and Eagle (ACE) device is embroidered on the left chest pocket. In addition to the dark blue t-shirts, each Sailor will be required to own a mock turtleneck. The APECS style Gore-tex jacket comes with a zip-in fleece liner similar to the Coast Guard jacket. The fleece liner may not be worn as an outer garment. Currently, smooth leather safety toe boots much be worn aboard ship but an optional black suede boot may be worn ashore.

There are still several admin decisions that need to be made such as whether Masters at Arms and Sailors assigned to the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command will wear the NWU.

You can download a Navy poster describing the NWU here.

Photos courtesy of Department of the Navy.


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