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CNO Issues Wear Guidance for NWU Type II / III

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

We’ve written a couple of articles about the development and fielding of the Navy Working Uniform Type II and III designed to replace the Woodland and Desert Combat Utility Uniforms for Sailors who require them. The big hiccup in full implementation has been wear guidance from the Chief of Naval Operations and he issued it yesterday in NAVADMIN 259/11.

Here are a couple of highlights:

-The NWU Type II is DIGITAL DESERT and the NWU Type III is a DIGITAL WOODLAND pattern. These were developed for Naval Special Warfare by USSOCOM and have been referred to as AOR 1 and 2 respectively but will incorporate the Navy’s unique Anchor, Constitution, and Eagle (ACE) into the design in a similar fashion to how the Marine Corps has included the EGA in MARPAT.

-The only difference between Type II and III is pattern and not the style of uniform. The uniform style is a compromise between a combat and garrison style.
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-Sizing is NOT the same as the CUU.

-NWU Type II and II are organizational clothing. The basis of issue will be 3 blouses, 3 trousers, 2 eight point covers, 1 Goretex Parka, 1 fleece, 1 helmet cover, 1 sun hat, brown fleece watch cap, and brown belt.

-Yes, there will reportedly be a “waterproof, breathable” parka offered in the new patterns. At one point in the message it is referred to as a “Goretex Parka.” It will likely be in the current APECS cut but we have not seen any examples yet in either camo pattern.

-The Type III will replace the current Woodland CUU for everyone and serve as the standard garrison uniform. Only those assigned to NSW or working in direct support if them will be authorized the NWU Type II. This includes Coast Guard personnel assigned or attached to NSW.

-The wearout date for both the Woodland and Desert CUUs will be 1 June, 2012. Non-NSW units with an operational requirement for Desert uniforms after June of next year will have to ask the CNO permission. What is unclear is whether they will use the NWU Type II, continue wear of the Desert CUU, or get an entirely new hybrid uniform in the cut of the NWU but with the 3-color desert camo pattern. I think the NAVADMIN is vague for a reason. It gives them almost a year to decide what to do.

-Naval personnel performing duties outside the wire in deployed environments will continue to wear a mish-mash of FR clothing articles from a variety of sources.

-Sorry JB, but security forces will continue to wear the NWU Type I unless assigned to NSW.

-Some traditions never die. SEABEEs will still be allowed to embroider their logo on the pocket.

-The Navy is really worked up over which way the eagle faces. They mention it six separate times.

-Finally, one change implemented by this NAVADMIN that will affect all Sailors is that the blue fleece liner in the APECS parka can now be worn as a stand alone outer garment.

For the full message (more…)

Navy to Test Digital Field Uniforms

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

The Navy is fully aware that their new Navy Working Uniform (NWU) isn’t suited for every environment and have from the beginning of the program promised to field a combat uniform for their ground forces who find themselves primarily in the Naval Special Warfare Command and the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command. On November 5th Navy BUPERS officials announced that they would test a minimum of two variants of woodland and desert camouflage patterned NWUs.

Rumor has long been that one variant would be based on the Marine Pattern (MARPAT) without the Eagle Globe and Anchor and that a second possible pattern for test is a pattern developed for use by SOF.

Although the Navy intends to procure both woodland and desert variants of the new pattern, they have expressed an interest in uniforms already in use by the other services in order to speed up fielding. For example, many Individual Augmentees have been using Army ACUs in the CENTCOM AOR. If this course of action were selected, the Navy would field a different style of field uniform than the Marine Combat Utility Uniform-based NWU. However, it is important to note that no matter what pattern or uniform style is selected it will not preclude Sailors from having to possess NWUs.

Navy Working Uniform Fielding Plan

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

The Navy has announced the fielding plan for the NWU. Exchanges in the Northeast Region started selling the new uniform in July and currently sales are underway in the National Capital Region as well as issue to new recruits. Next up is the Tidewater Region and they will be available for sales everywhere by October 2010.

Navy Working Uniform Male E-6 and BelowNavy Working Uniform Female Officer

The NWU consists of a blue based digital camo working uniform, eight-point cover, dark blue t-shirts, Gore-tex jacket, and black boots. The blouse and trousers are similar in cut to the Marine Camouflage Combat Utility Uniform except that the blouse’s chest pockets are parallel to the deck instead of slanted. Additionally, an Anchor, USS Constitution, and Eagle (ACE) device is embroidered on the left chest pocket. In addition to the dark blue t-shirts, each Sailor will be required to own a mock turtleneck. The APECS style Gore-tex jacket comes with a zip-in fleece liner similar to the Coast Guard jacket. The fleece liner may not be worn as an outer garment. Currently, smooth leather safety toe boots much be worn aboard ship but an optional black suede boot may be worn ashore.

There are still several admin decisions that need to be made such as whether Masters at Arms and Sailors assigned to the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command will wear the NWU.

You can download a Navy poster describing the NWU here.

Photos courtesy of Department of the Navy.