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MSM Loop Panels


A myriad of low-profile tactical clothing and packs are currently on the market that rely on a velcro-based attachment system consisting of a grid of pile to secure holsters, pouches, and other accessories. Unfortunately, many of the pouches intended for these systems are very specialized and do not support a wide enough variety of equipment. Other models don’t offer internal organizers at all. Quite frankly, since the advent of PALS, velcro based systems have taken a back seat.

MSM Loop Panel

With this in mind, MilSpecMonkey developed the new Loop Panel as a low-cost alternative to what’s currently on the market.

MSM Loop Panel

The Loop Panels accommodate a wide variety of items from pistol and rifle magazines to flashlights due to the ingenious, yet simple design that utilizes two rows of different widths of elastic. There are two, 2″ slots on the inner elastic and a 4″ slot on the outer elastic. The loops are sewn down about .5″ from the ends to help prevent the panel from curling and the ends of the elastic are great for holding pens and markers.

MSM Loop Panel

They are sold in pairs and measure about 5″ x 2″.

To order go to Mil Spec Monkey.

Photos courtesy of MilSpecMonkey.


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