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SHOT Show Day 1

Eagle Announcement
Everyone has been wondering what the Eagle countdown clock on their website was all about. Forums were abuzz with guesses from new clothing to an LE line. But the truth was even more interesting. Eagle Industries announced its latest product line; Waterpoint, a family of hydration packs. Eagle stuck with what it knows best and applied their load carrying knowledge base around Source reservoirs. Using the design characteristics of compatibility with existing systems and the need to maintain a low profile, Eagle developed the Waterpoint line.

Currently, the line consists of five bags. The Sleeve is a simple cover for a 3 liter reservoir designed for compatibility with any Eagle vest or bag. It joined by variants of the Recon which include a slick version as well as one and two pocket models. The flagship of the line is the Yote (pronounced yo-tee) based on the new Eagle Assault Pack.

Waterpoint Recon
Waterpoint Recon

Waterpoint Yote
Waterpoint Yote

The entire line is manufactured from solution dyed 500d Cordura. The Source reservoirs feature a new quick disconnect and Waterpoint has first dibs but the valve will be included in all future Source production. Waterpoint also has a new bite valve that is omni-directional unlike other bite valves that must be correctly oriented to work properly. Additionally, the bite valve has a twist to lock design making it easier to lock the valve closed.

Under Armour Unveils Anvil Jacket

Under Armour has a lot of new product hitting the market this year but the Anvil jacket stuck out. Intended as an upgraded replacement for the Black Ops jacket, the Anvil is a water and wind-proof soft shell. The jacket is feature laden yet doesn’t give the outward appearance of a tactical garment in the least.

Under Armour Anvil Jacket

The Anvil will be available this summer in both Sand and Black.

Mayflower Kit at SHOT Show

We announced that Mayflower would feature their gear in the ITW and POF booths. Here is a shot of the Mayflower Mannequin in the ITW booth.

Mayflower kit

L3 Announces SBNVS Award

Electro-Optical Systems (EOS) was awarded a $48.9 million five-year, firm-fixed-price contract for its Submersible Binocular Night Vision Systems (SBNVS) by the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center. The SBNVS will be used by U.S. Navy personnel to provide night vision capability.

L-3 EOS designed the patented SBNVS Generation III night vision binocular, which features a twin-tube design that provides comparable performance to aviation systems and better depth perception than single-tube systems provide. The military designation for the L-3 EOS SBNVS system is AN/PVS-15; the L-3 EOS commercial designation is M953. Since 1998, L-3 EOS has delivered more than 7,000 night vision binocular systems to the U.S. military.


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