Primary Arms

SHOT Show Day 3

Crye Precision

Crye has finally unveiled the new Gen II clothing to the public. In addition to Multicam, Sand, and Black, the clothing will now also be available in Green. Opinions vary on the exact shade and I have heard everything from OD to Sage.

Crye Precision Green Gen 2 Clothing

Lowa Task Force Boots

Lowa unvelied pre-production samples of the Zephyr. The Zephyr line currently consists of three variants with a fourth now under consideration. Available late Spring are a Mid-height Black Gore-tex variant, a Mid-height Tan Desert variant and a Low top Black version. Additionally, a Mid-height Desert variant in Gore-tex is in the works. Normally the Task Force line is driven by the European market but the Zephyr is the first product developed specifically for the American market.

Lowa Task Force Desert Zephyr

Tactical Command Industries

TCI has been selling thousands of their Modular Antenna System Tactical (MAST) to a variety of DoD customers. The MAST allows the Operator to remote the antenna to a more convenient position on his equipment. This means that you can wear your MBITR up front so you can get at it if you need to make adjustments but the antenna can be mounted on your back out of the way of your weapons and appendages. Additionally, the mount features the ability to carry the short whip folded.


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