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Moving in a new direction from past policy of issuing two identical jackets, plans for the new PECOC clothing systems call for issue two different garments. The reasoning is simple. During the Cold War, conventional wisdom held that the Soldier would be without resupply or laundry services for long periods of time so redundant clothing made sense. But current operations call for access to support services and more flexibility for the individual Soldier.

Both jackets will outwardly appear the same but will differ by insulation and the inclusion of pit zips. Please note that these are not official names and are only used to describe the two versions.

Standard Temperate Field Jacket Based on an upgraded version of the SF Tantalus system (which features a mesh drop liner in order to maintain an air gap between the outer material and the wearer for insulative purposes). Normal features of quick drying, IRR compliant, map pockets, compass holder, wired hood. etc etc. For field operations inside the UK the Jacket is well suited for 6 months of the year or for high activity levels. They have chosen to maintain the chest pockets even though they are not well suited for armor use as they are very useful for wear without armor. Although the garment is “shower proof” it is designed to integrate with the lightweight waterproof. Interestingly, the lightweight waterproof jacket does not have chest mounted pockets for improved interface with armor.

Encapsulated Field Jacket It is similar to the Filed Jacket but includes a wind proof and waterproof liner so does not need to interface with the lightweight waterproof. It is intended for static duties, range days, cold environments, etc.

The intent is to provide the Soldier with the right garment for the right application. No longer will the British Soldier have to wear a compromise that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Additionally, for hot climates there is also the new jacket lightweight (shirt) and UBACS which is similar to the US Army Advanced Combat Shirt.

Additional clothing system components include a buffalo jacket, softie jacket, thermal underwear, t-shirt, and an improved “Norgie”.


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