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Bearse USA

Although relatively unknown, Bearse USA has been in the contract sewing business since 1921 and maintains a 50,000 square foot facility in Chicago, IL. Their employees average over 10 years of experience and 20 or even 30 years is not unheard of.

Recently, they’ve been supporting the Army’s OTV and IOTV contracts and have produced over 200,000 vests and/or components. As Bearse USA does not produce their own line of tactical goods they are poised to support a wide variety of businesses who require surge support, particularly as part of a government contract. They have found that there are three major challenges to companies trying to fulfill these contracts: large quantities, short delivery schedules, and delays in awards. Bearse serves to augment a company’s capacity and to help them overcome these obstacles in order to get over the hump.

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Additionally, Bearse provides a great opportunity for the emerging company with some innovative design ideas based on real world experience. Although such a firm may be short on production know how, they can contract Bearse to facilitate production and make their concepts into reality.

What’s more, they offer capabilities not found in other contract sewing houses including a full time sample shop capable of delivering production quality samples. Additionally, they offer a fully equipped mechanical shop capable of designing and manufacturing equipment, labor-saving devices, work aids, tacker clamps, etc.

For production, they offer over 150 machines including single needle, double needle, long arm, cylinder arm, bar tackers, and programmable tackers. They can even provide screen printing services.

For more information contact Bearse USA
3815 W. Cortland St.
Chicago, IL 60647 USA
(773) 235-8710
(866) 6-BEARSE
[email protected]


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