Integrated Tourniquet Belt from BHI

Blackheart International

BHI has introduced a patent pending Integrated Tourniquet Belt crafted to enhance the capabilities of the common rigger’s belt. The rigger’s belt finds its origins in the A7A strap used to rig cargo for airdrops. Unserviceable straps were adapted for use as a more robust belt than the issue cotton web version. Later, purpose built variants were manufactured with life support buckles and “V” rings used to tie the wearer into aircraft. For years the rigger’s belt has been used as a field expedient tourniquet but did not incorporate a windlass nor a buckle capable of maintaining pressure. BHI has solved these problems.

BHI Integrated Tourniquet Belt

Designed to be manipulated with either one or both hands, the ITB doesn’t pinch, bind, or rope due to the wide Type VII nylon used in its construction. Additionally, the Integrated Tourniquet Belt uses 6061 aluminum to ensure a light, yet incredibly strong buckle and windlass system. The windlass stows out of the way for regular wear of the belt but is right at hand when the ITB is applied as a tourniquet due to the velcro closure system. The buckle is engineered specifically for this application unlike fasteners found on other belts and anchor points are sewn at regular intervals into the belt.

BHI Integrated Tourniquet Belt - Use Photos

Many field tourniquets can’t be used repeatedly for training but the robust design makes the ITB not only perfect for daily wear but also makes it suitable for regular training. Imagine carrying a tourniquet with you at all times integrated into a common use item.

To purchase the ITB, visit BHIgear.com.


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