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Future Soldier 2030 Initiative

“Own the Fight” – This is the aim of the Army’s latest Soldier modernization S&T program. Despite the reference to 2030 in the program name, many of the program’s components are slated for the 2015 to 2020 time frame (2014 POM cycle). It’s the usual cast of characters; smaller, faster, leaner, meaner. Other than a move to monochromes, it pretty much looks like a repackaging of FFW.

Future Soldier 2030

The programs vision:

Every Future Soldier will be equipped physically, cognitively, socially and with the appropriate materiel to conduct Full Spectrum Operations.

This will require agility, adaptability, mobility and the ability to act efficiently and effectively to simultaneously perform operations in many traditional and non-traditional roles including but not limited to Warfighting in complex, rapidly changing environments around the world.

Natick has established a website which includes documents.


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  1. […] The services rely heavily on their individual uniforms for branding purposes so it is unclear how the departments may react to such a directive. Although, according to the document, there is some wiggle room including a reference to “future ground combat uniforms” which might allow the services to delay any changes to coincide with the fielding of future individual equipment ensembles. […]